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Russia permanently bans entry of President Biden and 962 US citizens

Russia permanently banned entry of President Biden and 962 US citizens - Photo 1.

US President Joe Biden (left) and Russian President Vladimir Putin – Photo: REUTERS

According to TASS news agency of RussiatThe statement of the Russian Foreign Ministry stated that the above measure was taken in response to US sanctions against Russia.

The names of American citizens banned from entering Russia are posted specifically on the website of the Russian Foreign Ministry.

The list includes top US officials including President Joe Biden, Secretary of State Antony Blinken, CIA Director William Burns, FBI Director Christopher Christopher. Wray and other US officials were previously announced by the Russian Foreign Ministry to ban entry.

The Russian Foreign Ministry stressed that Russia is ready for an honest dialogue with Washington, and at the same time prevents the American people and competent authorities from inciting anti-Russian evidence. The Russian Foreign Ministry affirmed that Russia does not seek confrontation and is ready for an honest and respectful dialogue.

Reuters news agency (UK) said that the above travel ban has only a symbolic effect, but will worsen relations between Russia and the US and its allies since Russia launched a military campaign in the country. Ukraine on February 24

In related developments, the White House said that on May 21, US President Joe Biden signed a bill worth 40 billion USD to ensure the supply of weapons and economic support to Ukraine in the Russia-Ukraine conflict. .

This bill has been passed by the US Congress before.

Biden signed the bill while visiting South Korea, during his first trip to Asia as president.

The bill will support Ukraine for the next five months. Of the above 40 billion USD, about 6 billion USD is for the supply of armored vehicles and air defense systems.

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