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SEA Games final: What does U23 Vietnam need to do to win Thailand U23?

Experts say that U23 Vietnam needs to maintain a firm position and exert its strength at the right time when confronting Thailand U23.


Pounds and pounds

May 22, U23 Vietnam will meet Thailand U23 in the men’s soccer final SEA Games 31. This is a match full of fate in the past and is considered a dream final.

SEA Games final: What does U23 Vietnam need to do to win Thailand U23?  - first

U23 Thailand and U23 Vietnam promise to create an attractive final

In the past, U23 Vietnam lost to U23 Thailand in all 4 meetings in the SEA Games final. Therefore, the army of red shirts is determined to break this sad time.

In contrast, in the last 5 clashes, the Thais only drew and lost, so the Golden Temple team also entered the match with great desire.

According to BLV Ngo Quang Tung, the balance of the two teams at the moment is balanced. “Thailand and Vietnam in the past few years have always kept a balance when facing each other. It’s the same this time.

Vietnam has a higher quality squad, many outstanding players, but Thailand still has something weird and pragmatic.

Although Mr. Park and his students are cheered by the home fans, this is not too important in my opinion, only relative. Like in the match against Malaysia, the audience was enthusiastic, but U23 Vietnam also played very hard.”

BLV Vu Quang Huy tilted the balance towards U23 Vietnam a bit. Mr. Huy emphasized, the U23 squad in Vietnam is older thanks to three over-aged players who are in high form.

Mr. Huy also said that although Thailand is strong, it is not good at defending, making it difficult for Vietnam like the Philippines or Malaysia used to do.

How should U23 Vietnam play?

In terms of gameplay, BLV Quang Tung acknowledged, U23 Vietnam has a thorough, methodical and tight preparation but is still not really sharp when confronting a highly organized defense.

“This comes from the fact that U23 Vietnam seems too cautious. As in the match against Malaysia in the semi-finals, when we had complete control of the game, the opponent could not get to the ball, but the attack intensity was low, the attacking personnel was lacking.

Only from the second half of extra time, when increasing the intensity of the brake, did we get a few dangerous opportunities and then score. Pushing the attack intensity up high will the opponent’s defense make mistakes or reveal gaps.

From this analysis, Mr. Tung said that, in order to defeat Thailand, Park Hang-seo’s teachers and students first need to maintain the current way of playing and boldly exert their strength at important moments, but the first 10 minutes of each game. or the last 10 minutes of each round.

Mr. Tung does not rule out the possibility that Thailand U23 will play defensively if he cannot capture the middle line.

“Whatever you say, Hoang Duc and Hung Dung are the two best midfielders in Southeast Asia. If their midfield can’t compete, they’ll just drop back. Mr. Park faced the same problem as in the Malaysia match. The ball and the set-piece will then play a decisive role.”

In contrast, BLV Vu Quang Huy predicted that Thailand U23 would most likely play with a rising squad, putting pressure on. This will be a favorable condition for U23 Vietnam to play defensively and counter-attack. “But the first thing is that we have to improve our finishing ability,” Huy said.

However, regardless of the analysis, both experts predict that U23 Vietnam will win. BLV Quang Tung is inclined to the possibility that the match must be prolonged and the host will win closely. Meanwhile, BLV Quang Huy predicts that U23 Vietnam will win 2-0.


According to Phuong Linh (Traffic Newspaper)

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