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Seeing the bags on the table, I angrily asked my wife to return it, but the next call from my parents

Two years ago, my wife took a break from work to take care of me house story. With a salary of 50 million/month, I think I can take care of my wife and children to the fullest. Therefore, I do not want my wife to have to work hard to earn money anymore.

Every month, I give my wife 35 million to spend and externally and internally. Every month she shows me her spending book, which is called building mutual trust and respect. I am very satisfied with my peaceful life.

But then last week, I came home from work and found some bags on the living room table. Just by looking at it, I knew it was all branded goods, the price must also be several million a dish. For some reason, at that time, I felt angry and resentful. I think the scene where I work hard, scratch to earn money, and my wife spends money like this.

I was so angry, I yelled, forcing her to take it all back. My wife was bathing the children, heard my scolding and rushed out. I was in a state of anger, so I stewed and went out to drink without listening to my wife’s explanation.

Moments later, I received a phone call from my parents. Grandparents praised the messed up daughter-in-law, and said that the clothes my wife bought as a gift were just as printed. “There, the daughter-in-law still remembers the 40th wedding anniversary of her parents-in-law. And the son is indifferent and doesn’t care.” My mother even lamented me like that.

At this time, I was shocked because I wrongly blamed my wife. I quickly paid and went home. But my wife held the baby to the mother’s house already. She just left a piece of paper, saying she was disappointed with her husband’s treatment and needed time to rethink this marriage.

I was confused, called my wife, she turned off the phone. Now what to do to atone and bring his wife back here?


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