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The beautiful female MC leads Esports: “I spent a month carefully preparing for the 31st SEA Games”

Vu Phuong Thao is the famous MC of the game Lien Quan Mobile Vietnam. At SEA Games 31, she took on a new role when she became the host of FIFA Online 4. Phuong Thao’s sweet beauty and bright smile conquered many esports audiences in Southeast Asia. Many news sites call her “the goddess of SEA Games”, “the beauty of FIFA Online”.

The beautiful female MC leads Esports:

MC Phuong Thao at SEA Games 31. (Photo: NVCC)

Phuong Thao started becoming an MC when she was a student at the Academy of Journalism and Communication. She won the first place in the Speak Up contest, then became an MC at small stages at school, gradually coming to programs on VTV… Currently, the beauty born in 1997 is the MC of Radio Television. Vietnam picture, host many programs such as: VTV connection, Moment of love, Late night story, Born from the village…

Share with Vietnamese people About the feeling of being present at the 31st SEA Games, MC Phuong Thao said: “I am very honored to be the MC of the main stage of two Esports subjects, FIFA Online 4 and Lien Quan mobile. Initially, when When I received an invitation from the organizers, I was both happy and worried. Glad that the SEA Games is a big stage, worried because this is a program to welcome international friends, being the face of the host country, so there will be more pressure. “.

The beautiful female MC leads Esports:

MC Phuong Thao interacts with player Van Toan in the framework of FIFA Online 4’s competition program (Photo: NVCC)

For the first time as an MC at the 31st SEA Games arena, Phuong Thao said, she put a lot of focus on it: “During the past month, I have mostly been preparing for the contents of the SEA Games, considering it. step by step carefully. I hope that concentration will bring good results.”

What makes Phuong Thao most satisfied at the 31st SEA Games is the professionalism in the organization of all e-sports in particular and all other competition contents in general: “The grand stage, the The meticulousness in each stage of preparation, the enthusiastic support of the Organizing Committee made many foreign players excited to share with me that this is the biggest stage they have ever participated in, especially in the League of Legends. mobile – the spearhead of the country’s Esports”. Phuong Thao also believes that this event will be a lever to help Esports develop further in Vietnam and Southeast Asia.

The beautiful female MC leads Esports:

The sweet beauty and charming lead of Phuong Thao are highly appreciated by the Southeast Asian audience. (Photo: NVCC)

After finishing the journey with FIFA Online 4, the girl born in 1997 continued to “take charge” of Mobile Lien Quan at the SEA Games, which started on May 20: “I feel lucky because I have not left any mistakes. What makes me most regretful is that maybe I haven’t spent a lot of time talking with my country’s teams in FIFA Online 4, because my time is mainly focused on preparation. do it more in the competition days of the Mobile Union”.

The 31st SEA Games took place in Vietnam after 19 years, with many delays due to the epidemic. Like many Vietnamese people, Phuong Thao pays great attention to this event: “Besides Esports, perhaps the sport that not only me but also everyone follows very closely, that is football. Men’s football fans were overwhelmed when U23 Vietnam officially went to the final against Thailand U23. I hope that Mr. Park and the “golden star warriors” will successfully defend the SEA Games gold medal and bring honor. light for the Fatherland”.

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