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The companies that sell the most cars in Vietnam 2022

By the end of April, Hyundai and Kia had sold more than 21,000 vehicles together, behind Toyota, the leading company with nearly 27,300 vehicles.

The different levels of influence by the supply of cars to the market make the business results of the companies mixed, especially at the top. Hyundai which has competed on par with Toyota for many years, has now been replaced by Thata compatriot car company under the right of assembly and distribution by Truong Hai.

At the top, Toyota found the new trump card is Corolla Cross in the context of attraction Vios somewhat reduced. With the advantage of the thickest product range, many new models such as Raize, Avanza, Veloz With positive sales, Toyota is still the number one force in the market.

Kia sold nearly 24,000 vehicles, about 3,400 less than Toyota’s leading position. While Hyundai ended April with cumulative sales of more than 21,000 vehicles. The brand assembled and distributed by Thanh Cong Group currently lacks components, causing many hot models of the company such as Santa Fe, Tucson are not enough to meet market demand.

Kia does not have a single model that leads the market in terms of sales, but the high sales are divided equally among models such as K3, Seltos, Carnival, Sonet, Morning helping this company surpass Hyundai to become the best-selling Korean car company in Vietnam.

Corolla Cross, the best-selling car model in the market after 4 months of 2022. Photo: Toyota

Corolla Cross, the best-selling car model in the market after 4 months of 2022. Photo: Toyota

Excluding Peugeot with modest sales, Honda’s motobike is the company with the most impressive growth among the popular brands that publish sales figures. Japanese automakers’ sales increased by 76% over the same period in 2021, with two models of locally assembled cars: City and CR-VAT accounting for nearly 78% of the company’s sales.

Similar to Honda, Mazda based almost exclusively on two main car models, which are Mazda3 and CX-5, are assembled domestically. While with Mitsubishi, the company’s sales reached more than 12,500 vehicles, up 21% over the same period last year. While still growing, this growth, along with Isuzu, is among the lowest in the market. Influenced by the main model and supply, Xpander temporarily suspended imports to launch a new version, making sales of the Japanese company only ranked 6th in the top of the top car sellers. After 4 months, Xpander still dominates the MPV group with more than 5,500 cars sold.

Limited supply of the flagship model Fadil as well as the plan to completely stop petrol cars from the end of 2022, causing VinFast sales to slow down. The company sells more than 9,000 cars, especially the pure electric model e34 is 911 cars delivered to customers in 4 months. The next positions in the sales ranking are Ford, Peugeot, Suzuki and Isuzu with a combined score of no more than 5,000 vehicles.

Market share of sales on Vietnam auto market mainly between Japanese and Korean brands with the figure of more than 86%. Japanese cars have an overwhelming number, accounting for about 53.1%, Korean cars include two brands Hyundai and Kia, accounting for 33.6%. The rest is divided among American, French and Vietnamese brands with representatives from Ford, Peugeot and VinFast respectively.

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