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The hot girl’s journey to establish a career in the US “Who’s voice”

Saturday, May 21, 2022 01:04 AM (GMT+7)

Trac Thanh Phuong Thao, also known as Trac Trac, is proud to have built success in 2 years in the US.

Hot girl's journey to establish a career in America  - first

The hot girl “who’s voice is” is now established in the US

Trac Thanh Phuong Thao is a hot girl who used to participate in the program Whose voice in episode 10 of season 4. She impressed the judges with her inspiring voice and beautiful face. When she started singing, Phuong Thao surprised Truong Giang, Tran Thanh and a series of Vietnamese stars on the judges’ seats. After a period of silence, she came back full of breakthroughs with impressive achievements. Thanks to her beautiful voice and charming way of talking, she has won the love of the online community on the Bigo platform in the US with the nickname Trac Trac and built a career in foreign countries.

Clip Phuong Thao makes an impression at “Who’s voice” in episode 10, season 4

The road to success is not easy for a 25-year-old girl. She used to work many jobs since she was a student. From being a freelance model, working as a PG for some brands to being a receptionist, a salesperson, Phuong Thao doesn’t mind any work. In particular, she is also a familiar streamer on Vietnamese online platforms.

Hot girl's journey to establish a career in America  - 3

Phuong Thao has a sweet voice and beautiful beauty

The turn began when in 2019, she and her family moved to the US. This can be considered a turning point in this 9X life. At first, she encountered many difficulties. There was a time when she sold nail art to earn extra income. About a month ago, the Covid-19 epidemic broke out in the US, causing stores to close.

“At a time when everything is at a standstill, it is only online jobs that make money. I went through all the online apps I’ve worked on to find opportunities, but only Bigo can run it in the US. So, I fell in love “- Phuong Thao said. At first, she didn’t think she could be successful, only working for a short time, when the epidemic ends, she will find another job. She did not expect that she would be loved by the online community and become a hot idol after only two weeks.

Hot girl's journey to establish a career in America  - 4

Confident to conquer the audience, the Vietnamese girl succeeded

Talking about the factors to impress viewers, Trac Trac said: “In addition to how to always be beautiful in the eyes of the audience, I also have to choose impressive costumes, suitable for each live session. Occasionally, I wear traditional ao dai, wedding dresses, conical hats, etc. to create a familiar and strange image for users who are overseas Vietnamese in the US. She has the advantage of singing, charming and funny way of talking. Besides, her diligence in updating new songs, catching trending trends as well as her videos is always fresh. Trac Trac said that she always considers those who come to her as family members to take care of them in the most sincere way.

Hot girl's journey to establish a career in America  - 5

Trac Trac works hard to update new songs, catch trending trends

“My family and relatives always think that I have to do a stable job as a teacher, engineer, doctor… or at least make money doing nails. People don’t appreciate my work. Outsiders who don’t understand also think that it’s work, but just go online and talk alone with the phone, entertain others, sometimes dress sexy… They feel a bit crazy”, Trac Trac laughed.

However, she said she doesn’t care about reviews from people who don’t understand her and her work. The most important thing for her is that now her parents and relatives have sympathized and encouraged her. That was her motivation to keep going.

Hot girl's journey to establish a career in America  - 6

From being opposed, Trac Trac has now made her relatives trust and support her in her career

In just a short time, the little girl Trac Trac from a strange and lonely place in America became a famous Bigo idol. In the 2021 Bigo Gala across the United States, she entered the top 2 idols. Recently, she also topped the list of idols and was ranked as the number 1 idol on this platform in the US. “I am most happy and proud because I have been known to everyone with a beautiful image and no scandal for the past 2 years,” she shared.

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