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The house in the countryside uses open space, life is in harmony with nature

Open space in architecture is a type of design that is structured as a seamless flow without walls. The space inside seems to blend together. This has made the house spacious, airy and cool.

Architect Dao Xuan Quang said that currently, the design trend of open space is a trend chosen by many people.

With open space design, natural elements are brought into the house in the most natural way. The house is like a big picture, covering the natural scenery outside, bringing the owner to a life of harmony and closeness to nature.

The house in Binh Thuan was designed by architect Dao Xuan Quang in the spirit of “green living” – a concept that is understood as living close to and integrating with nature. This term is also the way of life that many parts of the world lead.

This is also the reason why there are many trees around the house. Moreover, planting trees also helps to make the air fresher and cooler. This also helps you have a good health, avoid respiratory diseases. The interior space is modern and warm, gentle with pastel blue tones…

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The spaces are seamlessly connected, natural light is harmonious, and plants are covered everywhere.

The project has many advantages, surprising the owner when moving in. Specifically:

The light: With townhouses or closed space designs, we often see homeowners have to use a lot of electricity during the day. This causes power consumption, space constrained. Although the window is open, the amount of outside light is still not enough to use. However, open space in architecture has completely solved this problem. With glass doors, sunlight will help homeowners illuminate every corner of the house.

Fresh air: For a good health, a green – clean – beautiful environment, the planting of trees is always encouraged. Therefore, having green trees outside will protect your family well, filter air and wind convection.

Glass walls are used in open space houses. The living room is located in the center of the house, which is the common place of the family, so it is connected, can observe all activities from the gate to the back.

Xuan Quang noted that when designing an open space, homeowners should choose glass doors. Because it will help natural light shine in every corner of the house.

Glass partitions create separate rooms while creating a connection between them. If you want to increase your privacy, you can design curtains.

Large window frames, with seats to relax, enjoy the view and read a book.

The interior design is minimalist, modern and moderate enough, creating ventilation.

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The bathroom uses cool blue fish scale tiles. Artistic washbasin with original wooden pedestal that has been treated with termites and warping. Green trees, beautiful still life paintings.

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The kitchen + dining area also uses fish-scale tiles on the wall as a highlight. Light areas are arranged around. During the day, we don’t have to use many electric lights here.

The land area is large, so the kitchen is very large, with an exit to the back garden and a bedroom on the first floor for the elderly.

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The cooking area and the sink are separate, ensuring cleanliness. When washing dishes or preparing food, water will not be splashed on the stove.

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