The punitive strike against Russia failed

This statement was made by President Vladimir Putin during a meeting of the Russian Security Council on May 20.

“Today, we can say that the cyber aggression against Russia, as well as the punitive attack in general against Russia, has failed. Overall, we are ready for the attack. This is the result of tasks carried out systematically in recent years.” President Vladimir Putin said.

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Russian President Vladimir Putin. (Photo: TASS)

According to Putin, the West has actively used the embargo on foreign information technology, programs and products, considering it as one of the tools to apply sanctions pressure against Russia.

He emphasized that some Western suppliers have unilaterally stopped technical support for their equipment in Russia, as well as regularly have restrictions, blocking software programs after technology updates.

“All of this needs to be taken into account when Russian companies, authorities and authorities use new foreign information technology and products that have already been installed.” President Putin said.

The head of Russia pointed out that domestic experts have been seriously involved in protecting information infrastructure, ensuring stable operation, network security as well as maintaining communication channels.

The Russian leader has repeatedly stated that Western countries have failed in their efforts to destabilize the Russian economy with sanctions. Mr. Putin stressed that sanctions have had the opposite effect on the US and EU. This causes inflation and unemployment in these countries to skyrocket, and people’s living standards are decreasing.

On May 17, President Putin said that inflation and higher energy prices in Western countries should be seen as their own fault, not Russia’s. He said the EU was “economically suicidal” by trying to cut off Russia’s energy sources.

Russia has faced unprecedented sanctions from the United States and its allies in retaliation for Moscow’s military activity in Ukraine. In less than two months, Russia became the most sanctioned country in the world. Moscow currently has to enforce more than 6,000 restrictions targeting different targets. That number is more than Iran, Venezuela, Myanmar and Cuba combined.

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