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The strange durian soup caused controversy

Is this a proof that durian combined with anything is delicious?

For durian enthusiasts, nothing is happy when this fruit begins to be in season and is sold everywhere on the street. Just passing by and smelling that characteristic passionate aroma is enough to make the salivary glands work non-stop.

However, not everyone who loves durian, loves durian, all foods related to this fruit will receive support.

Recently, a user social network just shared a picture of a unique durian soup, causing people to immediately split into two camps with different opinions of praise and criticism.

Strange Soup Soup: Some people criticize their stomachaches, others say it's delicious-1
The image of “durian soup” causes internal division among those who like to eat durian.

Attached with the invitation caption “Delicious durian soup invites you to eat” is a picture of a bowl of chicken soup with the highlight of which is a fresh yellow durian with firm flesh. The poster also thoughtfully showed off a close-up piece of durian after it was soaked in the broth to further stimulate people’s taste.

Strange Soup Soup: Some people criticize their stomachaches, others say it's delicious-2
Durian pieces are golden yellow after soaking in the broth for a while.

However, this unique creative dish immediately “shocked” a part of people who just love to eat durian in original form. Even many people when seeing this strange combination can only say that they don’t know if they can eat it or not.

Strange Soup Soup: Some people criticize their stomachache, others say it's delicious-3
A lot of mixed opinions revolve around this combination.

“Oh my gosh, my stomach hurts. I’m eating durian again.”

“The chicken is delicious, the durian is also delicious, but the combination looks like I want to give up.”

“Does your stomach hurt when you eat? I’m craving durian all the time.”

“Also addicted to sadness, but looking at it like this, you know you can’t eat it.”

Meanwhile, another part of users has countered the above suspicions and affirmed that durian can really be used to cook soup.

“This dish is not weird, guys. The durian you buy is still hard. Let’s cook bone soup to finish the sauce.”

“At first I thought it wasn’t delicious, but it was incredibly delicious, durian is still a bit raw and cooked like sake.”

“This is proof that durian can be eaten with anything.”

“After eating chicken, dessert is always durian, a 2-in-1 dish”.

In fact, this is not the first durian soup to be born. On forums, information pages about culinary There are also recipes for durian rib soup that are shared quite a lot. But it is true that for the association who loves the original durian taste, it will be difficult to be satisfied when seeing these strange variations.

How about you? Are you on the team that likes to eat durian alone or are you a fan of creative combinations like durian chicken soup?

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