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The US delegation left outside when the Russian representative spoke at APEC

US delegates and some countries left the room when the Russian representative spoke at the meeting of APEC trade ministers to protest the war in Ukraine.

An unnamed diplomat said the US delegation, led by Trade Representative Katherine Tai, left the hall in the midst of the APEC Trade Ministers’ meeting in Bangkok today, to “show expressed disapproval” of Russia’s military campaign in Ukraine and “the impact of hostilities on the APEC region”.

The action took place just as Russian Economic Development Minister Maxim Reshetnikov began his speech. Representatives of Canada, New Zealand, Japan and Australia also acted similarly to the US. Representatives of 5 countries returned to the hall after Mr. Reshetnikov finished speaking.

Russian Economy Minister Maxim Reshetnikov at a closed session at the APEC ministerial meeting, taking place in Bangkok, Thailand, May 21.  Photo: AP.

Russian Economic Development Minister Maxim Reshetnikov at the APEC ministerial meeting in Bangkok, Thailand, May 21. Image: AP.

In a later statement from the Office of the New Zealand Minister of Trade and Export Growth, Minister Damien O’Connor emphasized that New Zealand considers the war in Ukraine to slow down efforts to recover from the Covid-19 economy, making life difficult for people to live. people in the area more difficult.

Another diplomat assessed that the five-country delegation left because they wanted the conference summary statement (to be published on May 22) “to use stronger language” against Russia’s military campaign in Ukraine. .

Thai Commerce Minister Jurin Laksanawisit later shared with the media that “the meeting without a joint statement does not mean failure”. He described the meeting as going well despite the diplomatic breakdown.

APEC is a forum of 21 Pacific Rim member economies with the goal of strengthening economic and political ties.

In April, officials from the US, UK and Canada also left the G20 meeting when the Russian representative spoke. In March, a number of diplomats walked out when the Russian foreign minister spoke at the United Nations.

After opening a military campaign in Ukraine, Russia was subjected to a series of sanctions from Western countries. The media Russia The country is subject to about 10,000 restrictions and is currently the most sanctioned country in the world.

Last week, President Putin said the West was affected more heavily by sanctions than Russia, asserting that Moscow was resilient in the face of “external challenges”.

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