Tran Duc Bo reveals why she became a good sister to her ex-girlfriend

Tran Duc Bo said he will get married at the age of 30, according to his father’s advice.

May 18 afternoon, Tran Duc Bo had a conversation about his life and love issues. Recently, Duc Bo is known as a famous TikToker with hundreds of thousands of followers.

After the account loss incident in 2021, so far, Duc Bo has built his own social network channel, receiving a lot of attention from netizens. Besides being loved, this guy has also encountered a lot of criticism such as “tricks”, exaggeration, “oops”.

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It is known that Duc Bo gave up his studies and went to Ho Chi Minh City to follow the “call of love” at the age of 17. However, the guy broke up after 6 months with his lover and started an independent life.

Self-proclaimed as a person who is good at “doing crazy”, Duc Bo has attracted a large number of followers on social networks and started to have advertising contracts. “The first time I received a fee of 700,000 VND, from PR for a brand. I am both happy and happy because I can do something after living independently”Bo shared.

Besides, Duc Bo also considers himself to be a very “galant and manly” person that the boys have to admire. His most recent love affair was with a girl in Can Tho. However, Duc Bo decided to break up because … did not want his lover to suffer because of public pressure.

Up to the present time, Duc Bo and his girlfriend are “good sisters”. He affirmed: “We are still “sisters” who help each other in work and life. I broke up with everyone who is very civilized and can be friends. Before that, I said that when I was 30 years old. I’m going to get married. There’s 8 years left until then, so I’ll just do it right.”

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