Two companies under Tan Hoang Minh owe nearly 183 billion VND in tax

According to the Hanoi Tax Department, in addition to coordinating with local authorities and departments to apply measures to urge and coerce according to regulations for units that owe state budget obligations, the Ha Noi Tax Department The Cabinet regularly publishes information about tax debt in accordance with regulations for large and inactive debtors in the area.

In the first public list of tax debts for 1,019 taxpayers, the total amount of tax debt, fees, and financial obligations related to land amounted to 1,421 billion VND.

In this list, there are 2 companies under Tan Hoang Minh Group. Specifically, Soleil Hotel Services and Investment Joint Stock Company owes more than VND 846 million for land use and VND 147.2 billion for taxes and fees. After paying nearly 15 billion in debt, on April 14, the tax and fee debt of Soleil Hotel Services and Investment Joint Stock Company was 132.3 billion VND. In which, the largest tax and fee debt is 73 billion dong of corporate income tax from real estate transfer, over 35 billion dong of value-added tax, more than 16 billion dong for late payment of corporate income tax.. .

The second company of Tan Hoang Minh Group, the Winter Palace Joint Stock Company, owes 50.6 billion VND in taxes and fees. In which, the highest debt is over 37 billion VND from corporate income tax from real estate transfer.

The total debt of taxes and fees of the two companies of Tan Hoang Minh Group is about VND 183 billion. These are also 2 out of 3 companies under Tan Hoang Minh Group whose bond issuances have been canceled recently.

Previously, on April 3, the State Securities Commission announced the decision to cancel 9 bond offerings from July 2021 to March 2022 of Viet Star Company, Palace Company. In winter, Soleil Company (belonging to Tan Hoang Minh Group). These companies published false information, concealed information when issuing private bonds, and conducted 9 bond offerings to raise capital with a total value of VND 10,030 billion.

“Ensure the interests of taxpayers, and at the same time ensure fairness in the performance of tax obligations to the State, and prevent loss of state budget revenue, the Tax Department of Ho Chi Minh City said. Hanoi warns project owners and businesses to soon arrange financial resources to pay tax debts to the state budget in accordance with regulations before tax authorities apply more drastic measures. Tax Hanoi clearly stated.

According to Quynh Nga

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