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Typical delicious dishes on Northern summer days

Crab and eggplant soup, roasted meat on the edge, fried tofu, sautéed water spinach with garlic… are the priority dishes on the hot menu in the North.

1. Crab soup with jute and spinach

According to Oriental medicine, crabs have a salty taste, are soldered, have the effect of creating a connection between bones and tendons, and are used to lower heat and detoxify. A bowl of sweet and cool crab soup with crab meat, green vegetables helps to cool down, stimulate the taste buds, and is easy to digest in hot summer days.

Typical delicious dishes on Northern summer days

To have a delicious bowl of crab soup, there are a few tips to keep in mind: You should pound the crab by hand with a little salt to help the protein stick, when cooking crab meat. Grinding and filtering it many times will get more crab meat. Do not filter through a sieve because the crab meat clings to it. Male crabs usually give a lot of meat, while female crabs have a lot of bricks.

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2. Roasted meat on the edge

This popular dish is easiest to please on a summer day, but the ingredients and the way to make it are simple. Each piece of pork belly has a strong salty-sweet taste, brings up the aroma of dried onions, fragrant green onions, eaten with crab soup, eggplant, “beats” the rice cooker in a note.

Typical delicious dishes on Northern summer days - 1

Some secrets to delicious grilled meat: Should choose the third part with only lean fat, interwoven, one block, not long. Slice to taste, do not cut too thin because when roasting, it will shrink. Do not marinate the seasoning first, but roast the meat to burn the edges and then taste the seasoning later.

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3. Salted eggplant

Salted eggplant is a rustic dish in the summer of many Vietnamese families. Since ancient times, in the North, there is a saying “Sea sauce of the family ban” so that each family has its own tradition of making soy sauce, salt and tomato. Then everyone who goes far will remember ”I’m gone, I’m missing my hometown/Remember the water spinach soup, I’ll remember the tomato and soy sauce”.

Typical delicious dishes on Northern summer days - 2

On a summer day, just a few salted eggplants eaten with crab soup with jute vegetables will “perforate the pot and float”, even though the taste is not comparable.

4. Stir-fried morning glory with garlic

According to Oriental medicine, water spinach has a sweet taste, slightly cold properties, goes into the heart, can, elementary schools, and universities, has the effect of clearing heat, watering, detoxifying… In the summer, water spinach is considered. It is a “folk medicine” because it helps to cool down with many delicious dishes, including stir-fried morning glory with garlic.

Delicious dishes typical of Northern summer days - 3

A plate of young green morning glory, soft, with the aroma of garlic, a little crispy from the fat stimulates the taste and is very “rice consuming”. Pay attention to choose water spinach, the stem will be softer green when stir-fried. Depending on the taste of each region, some places add marjoram and cilantro to stir-fry to create their own flavor.

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5. Fried Tofu

Fried tofu with golden outer shell, puffy, soft inside as if melted with shrimp paste – simple as that, but everyone is easily “addicted”. To fry beans deliciously, pay attention to a few tips: Soak tofu in diluted salt water. Then, take it out to dry and put it in the freezer for about 30 minutes to create a square block, cut into bite-sized pieces.

Delicious dishes typical of Northern summer days - 4

Heat a pan, then add cooking oil and a little lard or chicken fat until fragrant. When testing the tip of the chopsticks, if they are bubbling, it will reach a hot temperature, then put the beans in and fry on medium heat. Should be divided into batches, do not let the pieces of beans stick together or too much. Flip on both sides until the beans are golden brown.

6. Boiled meat

In the hot summer, boiled dishes and sour soup are always favored on the menu, the most popular of which is boiled meat. For delicious boiled meat, it is necessary to blanch it to remove impurities.

Typical delicious dishes on Northern summer days - 5

When boiled, fill with water, add a few crushed dried onions, slices of ginger with a little salt and seasoning to help the meat fragrant. Boiling time for meat from boiling 15-20 minutes depending on the volume of meat large or small. Turn off the stove and soak the meat for 8-10 minutes to make the meat more juicy and fragrant.

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7. Braised duck with crocodile

Every late May and early June is the season of “duck running in the field” after the rice harvest, so ducks glean so the meat is firm, sweet and “delicious from root to tip”. According to Oriental medicine, duck meat is cold, rich in protein, sweet in taste, very good for health.

Typical delicious dishes on Northern summer days - 6

Braised duck with crocodile is featured in the northern summer rice tray. The duck meat is tender and rich, the sour broth from the crocodile is mixed with the aroma of lemongrass like a beautiful symphony in a hot day menu.

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8. Fried shrimp

Crispy shell shrimp, au red color mixed with greasy bacon, smells of onions, sweet and salty taste in harmony. This is a dish associated with the childhood of many people.

Typical delicious dishes on Northern summer days - 7

To have a delicious fried shrimp dish, pay attention not to pre-season the shrimp and meat, because when roasting for the first time, the salty taste will make the food watery and take a long time to dry. Roasting shrimp through 2 times of fire (first time draining, second time seasoning and mixing with fatty pork belly) will make the dish round and rich without being dry. If you want to find the old taste, replacing bacon with fat is also very delicious.

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