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Ukraine wants to form an association to demand reparations from Russia for war damage

Ukraine wants to form an association to demand compensation from Russia for war damage - Photo 1.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky in a self-recorded message posted on May 21 – Photo taken from the clip

“Today, we invite all partner countries to sign a multilateral agreement and create a mechanism to ensure that everyone affected by Russia’s actions can receive compensation for all losses incurred”, President Zelensky called in a video message on the morning of May 21 (Vietnam time).

Leaders Ukrainewho accuses Russia of trying to destroy as much of Ukraine’s infrastructure as possible, thinks such a deal would serve as a cautionary tale for others.

According to Zelensky, it not only shows the solidarity of the countries around Ukraine, but also a warning that there will always be a not cheap price for a country to plot aggression against another country.

The idea of ​​​​the Ukrainian leader is to bring together the countries affected by Russia’s “special military operation” in Ukraine.

Moscow will almost certainly refuse to pay compensation, so according to Zelensky, in that case the countries participating in the agreement have the right to confiscate assets that Russia has in their countries. These assets will be transferred to a special compensation fund.

“This is only fair. The Russians will feel the weight of every missile, every bomb, every bullet they have fired at us,” Mr. Zelensky argued.

The Ukrainian leader did not specify who the “partner countries” were or define as to be affected by Russia’s military action.

This is because many countries are affected indirectly after the outbreak of conflict, including high fuel and food prices that cause social tension in some countries.

The United States and its Western allies are trying to help Ukraine rebuild the country, including by confiscating Russian assets in these countries to transfer to Kiev.

According to Western media estimates, tens of billions of dollars of Russia’s dollars in foreign banks are frozen after Moscow sent troops into Ukraine. This number does not include superyachts worth tens to hundreds of millions of dollars each, passenger or cargo aircraft.

Russia has not yet commented on Mr. Zelensky’s ideas. Earlier this month, a Kremlin spokesman warned that any action to seize Russian assets to “compensate Ukraine” would be seen by Russia as illegal appropriation of Russian assets.

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