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Vietnam lost the futsal gold medal to Thailand

Ha NamCoach Pham Minh Giang’s teachers and students received bronze medals when they lost to Thailand 0-2 in the final match of men’s futsal at the 31st SEA Games, on the afternoon of May 20.

Men’s futsal has five teams participating, kicking in a circle to calculate points. Vietnam entered the final match with many advantages, and only need to draw with Thailand to win the gold medal. At that time, the same eight points as the opponent and Indonesia, but Vietnam is more than the goal difference.

However, coach Pham Minh Giang’s army had a hard time letting Ghanaian player Muhammad Osamanmusa concede a goal in the 2nd minute. Six minutes later, the gap was deepened with Peerapat Kaewwilai’s shock phase.

Vietnam's futsal team has not been able to overthrow Thailand's dominance at SEA Games 31. Photo: Lam Thoa

Vietnam’s futsal team has not been able to overthrow Thailand at the SEA Games. Image: Lam Tho

Ha Nam gymnasium is full of red. Thousands of fans continuously chanted Vietnam to give strength to coach Minh Giang’s teachers and students. However, under the field of players playing deadlocked, there were very few chances towards the goal of goalkeeper Katawut Hankampa.

In the second half, Vietnam played better, pressing the opponent’s yard. But it was only when the match had a few minutes left, kicking power play – replacing the goalkeeper with another player and raising the team to attack and press, the homeowner had clear opportunities. However, the red shirt players twice failed to beat the Thai goalkeeper and twice missed the goal.

“The first half, the team was tense, didn’t play well, didn’t dare to play. After the break, the coaching staff adjusted the personnel and made the mentality, the team kicked better, dared to confront Thailand. Unfortunately, there was no match. If there is, the team spirit will be high and kick much better,” coach Pham Minh Giang said after the match.

Ha Nam Stadium was filled with red Vietnamese fans.  Photo: Lam Thoa

Ha Nam Stadium was filled with red Vietnamese fans. Image: Lam Tho

Losing to Thailand 0-2, Vietnam fell to third, receiving a bronze medal. The team has seven points after four games. Indonesia won the silver medal when one point more than the host. Thailand continued to show dominance, winning the gold medal with 10 points. The Golden Temple football team has always ranked first since futsal entered the SEA Games competition program.

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