Vinh Thuy sells 18 NFT works, collects VND 400 million to donate to post-Covid-19 patients

Speaking at the event to receive charity money from the 1988Dragon Foundation, Venerable Thich Minh Phu – Deputy Head and Chief Secretary of Ho Chi Minh City Social Charity Department, Chairman of Tuong Nguyen Charity Association – expressed his gratitude in advance. The meaningful action of supermodel Vinh Thuy for those who are struggling because of the consequences of Covid-19.

Many difficult circumstances do not have enough money to treat and screen for post-Covid-19 sequelae, making it even more difficult. With the dedication of Vinh Thuy as well as the charity fund 1988Dragon, the program of treatment – screening for post-Covid-19 sequelae for poor people will be held for the first time in District 4. The Venerable wishes the program to be successful. from there, spreading throughout the country so that many patients suffering from severe sequelae because of Covid-19 will be helped.

Vinh Thuy sold 18 NFT works, collected 400 million VND to donate to post-Covid-19 patients - Photo 1.

A representative of the Vietnam Fatherland Front in District 4 said that Covid-19 has left heavy consequences not only on the economy and life but also on the health of many people. The medical examination and treatment program sponsored by Vinh Thuy and the 1988Dragon fund is of great significance, helping people to promptly detect, treat and screen for post-Covid-19 sequelae, thereby taking better care of their lives. people.

Vinh Thuy shared that he understands that many patients are struggling with post-Covid-19 sequelae but do not have money for treatment. Therefore, by auctioning NFT-type artworks and building the 1988Dragon charity fund, he hopes to partially support difficult situations and call on other donors to take an interest in the cause. this aspect.

“In the past two years, we have to face a huge and painful wave caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. Although the pandemic has passed, its sequelae still remain, many people are no longer able to work. like before and my spirit was also seriously affected. Seeing the uncles and aunts coughing badly but still having to work to make a living every day, I felt very sorry. I know many poor people who cannot afford medical examination and treatment in time. Therefore, I want to accompany and contribute so that the aunts and uncles can have post-Covid-19 health checks in the most convenient way,” Vinh Thuy said.

Vinh Thuy sold 18 NFT works, collected 400 million VND to donate to post-Covid-19 patients - Photo 2.

After the auction, he still maintains the 1988Dragon charity fund on the Blockchain platform so that donors can continue to donate to the post-Covid-19 medical examination and treatment program. Accordingly, whenever his work has an exchange or transfer transaction on the Blockchain platform, a part of the copyright fee will be contributed to the charity fund. The fund has a public Blockchain wallet address on 1988Dragon’s website and anyone in the world can check balance fluctuations and incoming deposits.

In mid-April 2022, Vinh Thuy announced that he was about to launch an NFT collection called 1988Dragon, of which 1988 is his birth year and also his lucky number. Dragon (dragon) is the topic of NFTs that Vinh Thuy and his team built and developed after more than 1 year of research.

Vinh Thuy is the second Vietnamese artist to approach the NFT market. Earlier this year, rapper BinZ released the NFT collection for the new song Don’t Break My Heart. In foreign countries, many stars try their hand at this field such as Taiwanese singer Chou Kiet Luan, Paris Hilton, American rapper Snoop Dogg, singer Shawn Mendes, Grimes…

Vinh Thuy sold 18 NFT works, collected 400 million VND to donate to post-Covid-19 patients - Photo 3.

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