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Violations detected in many medical supplies bidding packages in Bac Lieu

Saturday, May 21, 2022 11:14 AM (GMT+7)

Inspectors of Bac Lieu province proposed to transfer the dossiers of 7 bidding packages invested by the Department of Health and CDC to the police investigation agency after detecting many violations.

On May 21, according to a reporter’s source, the Bac Lieu Provincial Inspectorate announced the inspection conclusion of the procurement, management and use of drugs, chemicals, biological products, medical supplies and equipment. medical facilities, means of prevention and control of the Covid-19 epidemic and implementation of the process, norms and prices of Covid-19 diagnostic testing services for the Department of Health and affiliated units in this province.

Accordingly, through the inspection and procurement of medical equipment, supplies, and biological test kits at the Center for Disease Control of Bac Lieu Province (Bac Lieu CDC), provincial inspectors discovered that in the preparation and submission of the estimate and contractor selection plan, the Director of Bac Lieu CDC decides on the basis of the proposal of the Laboratory of Laboratory; Finance – Planning Department, not expressed through the board of directors. The rental contract for appraisal of prices is not strictly binding, and the appraisal purpose is wrongly defined.

Violations detected in many medical supplies bidding packages in Bac Lieu - 1

Bac Lieu Department of Health, where there are 4 violation packages (CTV photo)

In addition, in some bidding packages, the legality of the documents is not guaranteed according to regulations to serve as a basis for making estimates, the quotation sheet is copied, there are not enough 3 quotation sheets, the quotation sheet does not show the characteristics of the project. , types of goods; the estimate does not specify the origin and origin of goods; have items that do not have the same characteristics and types compared to the previous bidding package.

When performing the contract, the contract does not comply with the regulations, and it is wrong with the approval decision such as dividing the bidding package to perform the contract; non-binding contracts guaranteeing contract performance or binding but non-performance; There are items that change the country of manufacture…

In particular, there are signs of lack of transparency, violation of regulations in the planning and execution of contracts for 3 bidding packages to buy biological products of Viet A Technology Joint Stock Company.

“The above violation falls under the responsibility of the CDC Director in leading and directing, lacking in inspection and supervision, violating regulations on procurement, causing damage to state assets. – the plan has not performed well its role of advising and proposing, leading to violations” – the inspection conclusion stated.

In addition, the Inspector of Bac Lieu province also discovered violations in the appraisal documents for 3 contracts (4 bidding packages) invested by the Department of Health.

Specifically, the appraisal unit, which is Tay Nam Valuation Co., Ltd., did not comply with the regulations on appraisal of prices, and violated the appraisal process and standards. This violation caused damage to the interests of customers (Department of Health), increased the value of 8 items, caused damage and lost more than 822 million dong to the state budget.

In addition, 1 out of 4 bidding packages (contract number 6) purchased by the Bac Lieu Department of Health before the provincial People’s Committee’s policy was wrong in terms of order, procedures, submission for approval of the contractor selection plan. with regulations. The work of acceptance and liquidation of the appraisal contract is not strict, no errors are detected in the appraisal certificate.

Since then, the Inspector of Bac Lieu province has proposed to transfer the dossiers of 7 bidding packages issued by the Department of Health and CDC of this province to the Investigation Police Agency of the Provincial Public Security for further investigation and clarification.

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