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Walking – common mistakes people make

The effect of walk for health

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Walking is a low-impact exercise that is easy to do, requires no equipment, is very effective, and saves money. If done regularly, it will bring great benefits to our health.

Regular walking will bring a number of benefits such as helping to improve heart health, prevent complications from diabetes, high blood pressure, stroke, strengthen bones, improve muscle endurance, reduce stress. Straight, regulate the immune system.

Despite the myriad of benefits, many walking don’t deliver the desired results. Why? It is because of these mistakes.

What hinders walking speed?

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in groups, listening to music while walking, busy talking, paying attention here and there… are all things that slow down walking speed and don’t bring many health benefits.

In addition, wearing inappropriate clothing can also affect your walking speed, that is, wearing clothes that are too tight or too loose, wearing the wrong size shoes can also affect walking speed. . In particular, wearing shoes that do not fit the foot also affects the bones and muscles of that person’s legs.

Do you only count steps?

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If you’re simply counting steps, you’re doing it wrong. It’s not as simple as counting steps. The health benefits of walking depend on the calories burned, which again depends on your walking speed.

Walking speed is how many kilometers in a specific time. For example, a walking pace of 9 minutes/km will definitely burn more calories than a walking pace of 10-14 minutes/km.

Mistakes to avoid when walking

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Do not walk with your head down. You need to keep your head straight and keep your posture straight with your neck, back, and shoulders to be able to breathe properly. Do not engage in other activities such as talking, looking at your phone, or listening to music while walking. Keep your arms active while walking. Therefore, swing your arms at the same speed as your body. Take shorter and faster steps. Change your route. Don’t walk the same route every day. Stretch your leg muscles a bit after each walk. This will help you stay flexible.

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