Warning signs of brain damage are often ignored

“The discovery of a brain tumor is frightening to everyone. There are tumors that arise in the brain and tumors that have metastasized and spread from elsewhere in the body. They can be benign or malignant.American neurosurgeon, Sumeer Sathi, informed.

In dealing with brain tumours, early diagnosis can help guide the best course of treatment. Here are the warning signs of the problem health brain that you must never ignore:


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This is common to many people but can sometimes be a sign of something more serious. Lindsay Lipinski, a neurosurgeon at Roswell Park Cancer Center (New York, USA), said: “Many patients with brain tumors have headaches, which range from mild to severe and do not go away.”

“I estimate 50-60% of brain tumor patients at Roswell Park have a headache at the time of diagnosis. That symptom is frequently accompanied by another neurological problem, such as a seizure or a mental problem. voice”.

Memory loss

Memory loss could be a sign of dementia, experts warn. The Alzheimer’s Association says: “One of the most common signs of Alzheimer’s disease, especially in its early stages, is forgetting recently known information.”.

“Patients may also forget important dates or events, ask the same questions over and over again, and need to rely on memory aids (eg, reminder notes or electronic devices) or family family for what they normally do on their own”.

Personality changes

Brain injury has the potential to lead to personality changes. Alphonsa Thomas, Outpatient Clinical Services Director at the Johnson Institute of Rehabilitation, explains: “All types of brain injury, regardless of severity, can cause personality changes. It can be noticed during treatment and when you leave the hospital, go home to your family, and try to recover. return to normal activities”.

Unstable vision

Vision problems are a common sign of a concussion in the brain. Expert Richard Figler says: “It is a short-term brain injury, usually from a concussion. As the brain tries to heal itself, a number of functions are at risk of being affected leading to loss of balance, memory impairment, loss of concentration, visual disturbances.”

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