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What will the folding screen Macbook be like, are users fascinated?

Today, the trend of folding screens with compact design and expandable area is being loved by consumers. Many high-end foldable smartphone models have had impressive sales since their launch.

This urges laptop manufacturers to speed up the research process to launch similar products with compact, high-performance and trendy designs for young people.

What will the folding screen MacBook be like?  - Photo 1.

Impressive folding screen Macbook. ST photo.

According to a report by Digitaltrends, Apple is studying the use of OLED panels in the production of Macbooks. Reportedly, OLED panels will have no hardware components – which are commonly used to only allow light from certain directions to pass through the panel. This helps Macbook improve the visibility of the screen.

Thanks to the OLED panel, the screen of the future Macbook will be thin, which helps reduce weight, making this laptop more and more fashionable. This is inherently a strong point that Apple is loved by users when choosing a Macbook compared to conventional Windows machines.

Meanwhile, the design of the Macbook is no different from a tablet when the traditional keyboard does not appear. Instead, the folding screen area will be maximized to enhance the user experience. There is currently no announcement that Apple will replace the traditional keyboard with touch, because the keyboard still provides a more realistic experience when typing.

What will the folding screen MacBook be like?  - Photo 2.

Macbook folding screen without keyboard. ST photo.

In the opposite direction, the disadvantage of the Macbook’s OLED screen comes from the polarizers that can reduce the screen brightness. The Apple manufacturer is working to limit this situation.

Information related to the MacBook’s folding screen appears more and more and users have the right to hope that Apple will release a new super product. However, the price of the folding screen Macbook is expected to be higher.

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