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Who is the “Vietnamese-born child rapper with millions of views” who is enthusiastically cheered by thousands of spectators?

Saturday, May 21, 2022 20:52 PM (GMT+7)

The child rapper promises to shine on the huge stage of MTV School Fest.

Starting May and entering the summer, Shumo, a Vietnamese-born child rapper, has released an English cover of the song “Back Home” by famous singer Kalush (feat. Skofka). He is a member of Kalush Orchestra, a Ukrainian group that has just won the final of Eurovision 2022, on May 14.

Who is the

Shumo has two bloodlines from Ukraine and Vietnam

Child rapper has loved Kalush for a long time and luckily when his English cover was released on May 13, it accidentally became a gift for the group’s victory. In this cover, Shumo raps in English and Ukrainian. The 10-year-old rapper himself also has a lot of love for his homeland, Ukraine, which is facing many difficulties. Shumo released “Again and Again 15/4” to share the message of peace to the world. The MV has attracted more than 400,000 views on YouTube after 1 month. When receiving an invitation to participate in the program “MTV School Fest 2022”, Shumo chose “Again and Again” because of this special meaning. In addition, the boy also performed “So You Wanna Hate Me” to affirm his musical personality.

Who is the

Shumo and the Dragon Child dance crew practice behind the scenes

Who is the

The child rapper received the support of a large audience, most of which were students of universities under the Vietnam National University, Ho Chi Minh City.

Initially, Shumo also performed with the attitude of getting used to the stage under the guidance of the teacher and friends. Below are thousands of enthusiastic spectators watching and supporting. You even excitedly called the kid rapper’s name resounding throughout the yard, making him extremely excited. Although the rehearsal has many stage items that are urgently being completed by the BTC to meet the eye-catching part, Shumo’s catchy songs as well as the boy’s efforts to perform live have won the hearts of the audience. on-site audience. Shumo revealed hope to be more explosive on the evening of May 21.

With the purpose of connecting the student community, creating a meaningful and vibrant entertainment program after hours of intense study and research, MTV Vietnam cooperates with the dormitory of Vietnam National University, Ho Chi Minh City, to organize the MTV program. School Fest. The program is a festival for students with a series of colorful music and entertainment activities taking place at this place.

Who is the

Shumo is the youngest artist to perform in the MTV School Fest 2022 at Zone B – Dormitory of Vietnam National University, Ho Chi Minh City. The Vietnamese-Ukrainian rapper will perform two self-composed rap songs “So You Wanna Hate Me”, “Again and Again” at the concert.

The stage of MTV School Fest 2022 on the night of May 21 gathered young people’s favorite names: Suboi, Kimmese, K-ICM, Wren Evans, Orange, Lona, Rtee, Long Non La, Duong Domic, Kayon and Shumo. In addition to famous artists, MTV School Fest also conquered music lovers by investing in stage and staging. With the explosive combination of the most modern image technology, sound and light, the event will immerse the audience in a vibrant music space, where the artists burn their hearts out on the grand stage.

Starting to release the first MV in November 2021, Shumo quickly became a phenomenon on YouTube. The boy owns many million-viewed videos such as: “Christmas Dance Celebration” (1.2 million views), “Get Lucky Charms, Get Lucky” (1.3 million views), “Bad Dream” (1.1 million views) , “Chop Bop Kicks” (1.1 million views)…

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