Why did BAEMIN’s way of saying thank you for the birthday spread so strongly?

Celebrating 3 years of setting foot in Vietnam, BAEMIN chose to communicate for the birthday in a very special way. Not much to say about the achievements achieved by statistics and dry data, not to mention the ambitions of “big swords” in the following years, nor to “pump” money to create “rain” incentives. promotions, gifts, etc., instead, BAEMIN chooses a gentle but extremely contagious way: Thanking customers on a variety of platforms.

Thousands of thanks for the seemingly insignificant things. Communication expert Nguyen Dinh Thanh – Co-Founder of Elite PR School Media Academy – analyzes each different group of customers who will receive a thank you note specially written to suit the platforms with which they interact with BAEMIN.

For example, users of BAEMIN’s app will receive a “Thank you for opening the BAEMIN app when you’re hungry” from the company’s CEO. Also on the app, you may also see the sentence “Thank you for the past 3 years not only ordering BAEMIN’s delivery but also eating BAEMIN’s cooking – team BAEMIN KITCHEN”.

On the campus of some universities, students will also easily see a heartfelt confession: “Thank you to all the students who listened to and memorized the songs of BAEMIN – BAEMIN marketing team” .

In many cafes, customers will also receive the words of gratitude: “Thank you for the past 3 years for ordering drinks home when you don’t have time to sit at the shop – BAEMIN customer partner team”.

BAEMIN also put thank you lines on the billboard. Simply simple words with an extremely cute thank you: “Thank you for the past 3 years for spending a few seconds watching BAEMIN ads every time the red light stops – BAEMIN marketing team”. Expert Thanh commented that BAEMIN always knows how to take advantage of billboard – which is the strength of the brand – to bring the image and message of the campaign to a large number of customers.

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A cute thank you from BAEMIN

Although conveyed on many platforms, the thanks are all around BAEMIN’s respect for customers and highlight the birthday event through the phrase “last 3 years”. Mr. Thanh commented that from the font to the way BAEMIN conveys each message in each thank-you, it shows the style that this food ordering application has pursued from the beginning: a sincere brand.

The way to thank BAEMIN’s customers receiving many reviews is a wise move. Many young people have given “winged” compliments and shared BAEMIN’s articles on social networking platforms. Some of you even want to apply for a position in BAEMIN’s marketing team.

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BAEMIN’s very simple thank you in the elevator

Media expert Nguyen Dinh Thanh said that currently, brands are entering the “race” to attract the attention of the target public. The public sometimes suffers from “redundancy” of information: turn on the television to see ads, go to the elevator to go to work also see ads on LCD, go on the road also encounter countless signs, …

Faced with “overload”, your brain will form a natural mechanism to discard information that the brain finds “useless”. The invisible filter that the brain puts on is also a challenge for today’s communicators. If marketing messages are not attractive in both content and form, they will not be able to pass the filter and stay with customers.

According to expert Nguyen Dinh Thanh, overcoming this challenge requires a great investment of time, effort and money so that the communication team can grasp what customers want, like, love, hate, … then can please them. In this regard, BAEMIN has performed very well, always having flexibility and flexibility in the messages they give out.

Almost any campaign of BAEMIN is effective, spreading on many different channels from the press, influencers, and the professional community. “What I like most about this brand is the perseverance and not rushing. Do it well and then speak. Those who are both creative, know how to keep their strength, know who they are, know how to hold themselves back to “Giving time to time” for sure. definitely a successful person. BAEMIN is such a brand,” concluded expert Nguyen Dinh Thanh.


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