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Wife admits to having feelings for someone else

My wife sent me a letter, realizing my mistake. I have forgiven my wife, but it is very stressful, insomnia.

Please send to you the content of the letter my wife sent me. Looking forward to your advice, what should I do?

To you, the person I love and cherish the most in the world! When I read these lines, I probably feel sad, hurt, disappointed and disgusted with you. I’m really sorry, please forgive me. What should I do to make him sad now? From the first day I fell in love with you, I cherished and grateful for everything. I always take all the responsibility, the hard work on myself so that you and the children have a comfortable and happy life. I tolerate and forgive all your mistakes and impulsive behavior. You are the one who teaches and helps me in this life. Therefore, I love and appreciate you more, confident in my feelings for you. I have never betrayed you even in my mind.

Then for some reason, the day I got a little heatstroke. I’m sorry for not being able to control my emotions. I’ve never been like that so I identified the problem very quickly. I want to stop those wrong thoughts and feelings. Even though it’s just an emotion, it’s an evil thing for me, something I’ve always hated, a taboo thing in a relationship. Then every day I am more grateful to you and the children. With your love and care, I realized how guilty I was even though it was only for a moment, for a moment and I soon got over that wrong feeling.

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However, there are three things that never change: the sun, the moon, and the truth. The indisputable fact that I was wrong, not respecting our relationship even if it was just a betrayal in mind. I hope you forgive me, don’t be sad because it doesn’t deserve your sadness. You deserve much better. I really ask for your forgiveness, consider this a test of our relationship. Please look at the person I am now. I have changed, always trying with all sincerity to be worthy of you and the children. Love you and ask for your forgiveness.


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