10 signs that your body is overloaded, you should reduce work to take care of yourself

1. Particularly sensitive to light and noise

When under pressure for a long time, high nervous tension, or the brain is often in a state of alertness, we are very sensitive to the things around us, as long as there is a change in light. and sound, the brain’s “alarm” signal will be emitted.

Tip: Take half an hour a day to relax. On weekends and holidays, you can invite friends to go out for a walk in the suburbs, away from the noise and stress.

2. Difficulty breathing

Working with high intensity for a long time causes the body to consume a lot of energy, causing pain in the muscles, cervical spine and other parts, and at the same time, the body’s oxygen demand is also increased, leading to difficulty breathing.

Tip: Daily deep breathing exercises can reduce stress and increase oxygen levels in the body.

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Stress caused by overwork can cause many health consequences (Artwork).

3. Likes to talk alone

Working with high intensity for a long time makes people anxious, afraid, tired, and at the same time paying attention to other people’s thoughts and opinions for fear that their words and deeds will cause unnecessary trouble. At this time, we tend to subconsciously seek a sense of security, and manifest differently in men and women.

Men often like to be alone, relieve stress on their own. Meanwhile, women tend to express their emotions openly, nag, even mumble to themselves.

Tips: Turn off mobile phones and computers, stay away from outside influences, adjust your requirements reasonably, this will help you calm down, reduce stress.

4. Likes to eat sweets

When stressed, the body will expend a lot of energy, making the feeling of thirst for energy increase, making you become fond of sweets. In addition, the joy and excitement of eating sweets can also eliminate anxiety to some extent.

Tip: When you want to eat sweets, you can eat some healthy snacks like fruits and nuts to satisfy your cravings.

5. Not able to do even normal jobs

When under pressure, people’s ability to manage and analyze information is affected. At this time, a seemingly ordinary job can also make us feel helpless. Stress reduces people’s ability to concentrate and reaction speed, thereby affecting work efficiency.

Tip: If you encounter “difficult” tasks, you can take steps, lower the requirements, tackle the mundane day-to-day tasks first. If this condition persists, it is best to consider resting to have a timely adjustment.

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You should balance work and rest to ensure good health (Artwork)

6. Insomnia, daytime also sleepy

Stress seriously affects sleep quality, leading to insomnia or poor sleep, thereby causing daytime sleepiness.

In addition, when entering middle age, people’s sleep time also decreases, sleep is not deep, sleep quality gradually decreases. When old age comes, the various functions of the body gradually weaken, making people have higher requirements for the sleeping environment, easily affected by external factors, so the quality of sleep declines.

Tips: If having sleep problems due to stress, young people can self-regulate by taking deep breaths before going to bed, meditating, turning off electronic devices such as cell phones and computers, increasing Exercise more, pay attention to your diet, try not to eat before going to bed…

Elderly people should treat insomnia with a calm mind, don’t worry too much when they can’t sleep, in addition, daily moderate exercise can also help improve sleep quality.

7. Longer teeth

Everyone’s teeth start to change color and thin enamel around the age of 30. At the age of 40, the gums gradually shrink, the roots gradually become exposed, the length of the teeth sometimes increases by about 6 mm. In addition, toothache when eating spicy food, teeth brittle, cracked, red swollen gums, accompanied by bleeding, loose teeth … are all manifestations of aging.

Tip: Thorough brushing and flossing can help prevent receding gums and maintain strong teeth. Teeth are not only related to the digestive system, but if the dental condition is poor, the possibility of causing cardiovascular diseases and high blood pressure also increases.

8. Frequent urination

When stressed, many people often want to go to the bathroom. However, if you often wake up at night and can’t hold your urine, you need to pay attention, because this condition is not only caused by stress but can also be a “signal” that the body sends out as it ages.

Tips: To prevent bladder aging, it is necessary to get into the habit of not holding urine, not drinking water 2 hours before going to bed, and not drinking too much coffee, tea and other drinks 4 hours before going to bed. sleep.

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Hand tremors are one of the symptoms health report not good (Illustration image)

9. Hand tremors

Frequent hand tremors, medically known as “essential tremors,” can occur in people over the age of 65. Most people have experienced mild hand tremors at some point and are not too concerned. However, if it affects daily life, it should be treated.

Tip: Sometimes, hand tremors can be a sign of Parkinson’s syndrome, hyperthyroidism, stroke and other conditions, so it’s best to see a doctor promptly to determine the cause.

10. Voice change

In men about 70 years old, the cartilage of the vocal cords begins to thin, the stability of the vocal cords declines, the frequency of sounds is higher, the voice may become sharper. In post-menopausal women, due to a lack of estrogen, the vocal cords tend to swell, causing the voice to become low and low.

Tips: Avoid letting the throat work too much, eat less spicy food, drink a lot of water so as not to injure the vocal cords.

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