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5 tricks to “hack” the figure of her “dwarf mushroom” Yeri (Red Velvet)

Possessing a height of 1m57, Yeri (Red Velvet) is quite short compared to many other idols in the entertainment industry. However, the height may be modest, but Yeri’s dressing skills are diverse. Following this girl, you will find that she has at least 5 clever ways to dress up her figure, helping the female idol to always look ten inches taller than she really is. Let’s immediately learn 5 tricks to “hack” Yeri’s figure to apply immediately.

1. Take care of the crop top

With the advantage of a standard body shape and slim waistline, Yeri is extremely fond of crop top models. This design both enhances the waist and makes the legs look longer, the figure is significantly taller. In addition, the crop top with a dangling length also makes her look younger and more dynamic. Just mix crop top with jeans, she has a youthful and dynamic outfit that makes everyone want to imitate.

2. Long-legged “hack” pants

It can be said that the pants are the true item of girls of modest height like Yeri. The low-rise, high-waisted pants have a retro feel that attracts the eye and “pulls the legs” to look significantly longer. Yeri owns a wardrobe that varies from jeans to fabric pants; Solid color pants to pattern pants to refresh your style every day. Just wearing pants with a t-shirt and shirt, she has an attractive set of clothes. If you want to increase the effect of “hacking” your figure, you can mix pants with a crop top. In terms of footwear, trousers can be combined well with both sports shoes and classic leather shoes and boots.

3. Use a belt that flatters the 2 . round

A technique often applied by Yeri when wearing dresses is to use a large belt. Large belts will clearly separate the upper and lower body, creating the impression that the body looks taller. In addition, the large belt also has the ability to “hack” an amazing figure, making the second round look slimmer and slimmer. If you also have a petite body like Yeri, what are you waiting for without buying some big belts to dress up like this girl.

4. Preference for short skirts above the knee

There is a dress model that every time you wear it, the wearer will be slimmer for a few parts, the overall figure is also significantly taller, that is a short skirt above the knee. This is also the item that Yeri often chooses to wear, both in her daily style and when attending events. No matter how short and slim you are, make sure to wear a short skirt above the knee and you will also look taller and slimmer than 5kg. In addition, this design also helps the owner look younger and more active.

5. Wearing the same color clothes

Wearing the same color tree is a simple but effective combo that “hacks” a respectable figure that is often applied by Korean girls, including Yeri. Wearing a whole tree of the same color will direct the gaze vertically and make the wearer look taller. Just wear a full set of uniforms, favoring basic tones such as black, white, gray, beige … and then add a few small beautiful items such as bags, high heels, necklaces… and Yeri has a set. The clothes are pleasing to the eye, and the virtual live photos are also very beautiful. When wearing the same color as Yeri, don’t forget to dress up or choose crop top models to increase the effect of flattering your figure, making your body more slim and petite.

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