A part of China’s youth and youth have to detox from the Internet

Shang Shun is a teenager addicted to playing online video games, except for eating, sleeping, and personal hygiene, the rest of the time he is always glued to the computer screen. I live in a virtual world and this makes my parents extremely worried.

Mr. Wang Li Shun – Shang Shun’s parents are concerned: “My son and his friends gather to play video games all day, at home he also plays all the time.”

In the summer of 2019, Shun was taken by his father to an Internet addiction center, the monthly cost is up to 3,500 yuan, equivalent to more than 12 million VND. The fee is substantial compared to the average Chinese household income.

Mr. Wang – Teacher, Shandong Provincial Internet Addiction Center said: “Children are prohibited from using cell phones and are only allowed to keep a few minimal personal belongings, just like the environment in the military. We ask them to respect the rules at the center.”

A part of Chinese youth and teenagers have to detox from Internet addiction - Photo 1.

At 5:30 a.m. every day, all students gather in the yard, exercise and participate in teamwork exercises. These are the popular contents of about 250 Internet addiction centers for children in China. The center is committed to no physical punishment for the children.

Student Shang Shun showed interest in the exercises, he said: “At home, I just sit in front of the computer, here I feel quite happy”.

Yu Ya Bo, Founder of the Internet Addiction Center, Shandong, said: “We encourage children to seek validation through the center’s exercises, which is something that was easy for them to achieve in the past. in video games”.

Shun’s father hopes his happiness will be maintained. This summer course will help me understand that the real value of life lies in real-life interactions, not online entertainment.

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