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Because of what woman’s words, the Ly dynasty changed hands?

During his reign, King Ly Than Tong (1127 – 1138) left many merits Dai Viet history book commented that he is intelligent, generous, knows how to correct politics, knows how to use good people. But on the contrary, he also criticized the king as “too fond of good omens and strange things, devoted to Buddhism”.

As for the way of children, the old history said that in April of the Year of the Dragon (1136), Empress Le gave birth to Crown Prince Ly Thien To. But four years before that, in the fifth month of the Year of the Rat (1132), the eldest son, Ly Thien Loc, was born again. Although bearing the title of being the son of a concubine, because the other queens could not give birth to a son, King Ly Than Tong then chose Thien Loc as the successor to the Ly throne later.

Because of what woman's words, the Ly dynasty changed hands?  - Photo 1.

Shaped dragon in the Ly dynasty, symbolizing the king’s kingship.

In September of the Year of the Horse (1138), the king, although at that time was at the young age of 23 years of vitality and vitality, but he was afraid of insecurity, serious illness, and was about to die, so the question of his successor was placed. out.

When King Ly Than Tong was seriously ill, Dai Viet history book copy, the king’s three wives were Thank you, Nhat Phung, and Phung Thanh wanted to change and form another crown prince, so they sent someone to give money to the official Tu Van Thong, saying that if you obey the decree, you should not ignore the words of the three ladies. Van Thong accepted”. Capital of Political Consultancy Vietnamese official dictionary, is the position of Deputy General in the court, often taking Thi Lang or Doctor Gian to hold that position, not to mention small. Tu Van Thong received money from three mothers who were suspicious of the world, ready to accept the invitation to do unscrupulous work. At this time, King Than Tong knew that he was seriously ill and was difficult to recover, so he sent Van Thong to prepare a will to choose a successor. Of course, in the king’s intention, Ly Thien Loc at the age of 7 was chosen as the future king.

Dai Viet history book said that before, Tu Van Thong was greedy for gold and received bribes, so “Although obeying the king’s orders, remembering the advice of the three ladies, just hold the pen and do not write”. In order to convince the king who was nearing the earth and far away from heaven, on that occasion the three ladies went to the king’s bed and used women’s tears and wept with the reason that in the past, setting up a successor to the throne must marry The eldest son cannot marry the second son. That, in National history is weak They also left their words: “Three wives came to us with tears in their eyes and said: “In the past, if you set up a son to succeed the throne, you won’t set a goal, Thien Loc is the person I love. If the throne is allowed, Thien Loc’s mother will usurp power, then jealousy and jealousy arise, can mother and daughter avoid disaster?”

The king is in a daze, Weak repertoire of Vietnamese history He said, listening to the wives, he sympathized and immediately went down to the mat that “Thien To is still young, but he is the target. Let Thien Tu take the throne from me.” immediately established Thien Tu as Crown Prince. Then after that, even though he was still young, the king became an ancient man, as the saying goes Vietnamese history Copy: “The king was tired, died at Vinh Quang palace, aged 21 years old [đúng ra là 23 tuổi]stayed on the throne for 10 years, the temple was called Than Tong, converted twice, and buried in Thien Duc Palace”.

Because of what woman's words, the Ly dynasty changed hands?  - Photo 2.

The queen is at the throne. Documentary paintings

In this case, King Ly Than Tong died due to illness. The throne has a successor is reasonable. But according to the hereditary tradition of Eastern feudalism, it is common to choose the eldest son, the target line to keep the throne. Strictly here, the king was at a time when life was as fragile as a thread, and a servant like Tu Van Thong obeyed the orders and did not write a draft decree, and before that, he was greedy for wealth, but received bribes to comply with the will of the kings. Queen. Again, the wives and husbands who are about to die don’t cry and mourn, but only weep hard because the future throne may affect them. King Ly Than Tong, in an urgent time of listening to his three wives, and with the usual tears of women, it was easy to choose wisely, so even though Ly Thien Loc had been selected before, in At the moment of turbulence between the two worlds, the king listened to his three wives and changed his will, so later on the Ly throne, there was a 3-year-old king Ly Anh Tong sitting, but the one who decided the matter was not the young lord.

History god Ngo Si Lien of the Le Dynasty when compiling the series Dai Viet historical records, At this point, he frankly criticized the inconsistency from the king to the servant of the Ly dynasty: “Than Tong inherited a very prosperous inheritance from the fore kings, was the son of the gods in peaceful times, leaving his children still holding them. suckling, want to have a grown up child. Roughly a warning to the mistakes that I made when I was a child, but that was not successful. From Van Thong accepting bribes, it is clear. The words of the three ladies are straightforward. Unfortunately, we did not immediately call the pro-social deities to send orphans. An evil servant who colludes with people in the court to ruin things, has been done in the past.”

And Ngo Thoi Si in the book Vietnamese history of murder There is also talk. Accordingly, he criticized King Ly Than Tong because he did not have a good tutor (teacher) so he did not understand politeness, and fell ill with piety, superstition, etc., thereby coming to the conclusion that this servant’s responsibility in helping the king ruler of the country: “King Than Ton, Anh Ton could not be left or right, so much so that it was the omissions that caused confusion and the wicked people that caused chaos in the government. Therefore, it is impossible not to be cautious when using people to become a general.”

After the Nguyen Dynasty, King Tu Duc himself was also the person on the throne. When reviewing the affairs of the predecessors of the previous dynasty, there was a poem by Ly Than Tong in the book. Tame the Vietnamese history of the bay:

The general defeated the enemy, the king took care of the Buddha,

Catching deer, flattery easy promotion.

In case when the gentle transmission is leaning on a chair,

Van Thong stopped writing and did not register.

The intention was to criticize King Ly Than Tong, who believed in Buddhism, so much so that even though the generals defeated the enemy, they still attributed the credit to the Buddha. Those who offered strange animals were appointed officials and ended up with the king, Van Thong because of his food and bribes contributed to changing the will, so that the throne of the Ly dynasty later fell into the hands of Thien To, ie King Ly Anh Tong. But as we know, King Ly Anh Tong replaced his father on the dragon pedestal to manage the country when he was still a child, so that the government was interrupted by the god Do Anh Vu. Which is just that, in Vietnamese history of murder guide Que Hai Chi The Song Dynasty also said that because Ly Thien Loc was not allowed to be a king, he later sent someone to denounce the Song Dynasty. However, the Song Dynasty did not bother the Ly because of this, on the contrary, they also arrested Thien Loc.

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