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Bustling scene at Dam Trau beach check-in with the most beautiful plane in Vietnam

1 year ago, Dam Trau beach (Con Dao) attracted a lot of attention from tourists after going viral on social networks with clips recording the moment the plane landed near the beach. Many tourists come to see the plane, take pictures at check-in with many creative forms, making this place even hotter.

Photos of tourists checking-in with planes at Dam Trau beach, Con Dao (Photo: @_linlin, @caophuongthang, @camiebycann)

After being widely known, the number of tourists coming to Dam Trau beach to hunt for the moment of check-in with the plane is increasing day by day. A video recording the “tumultuous” scene when dozens of tourists took pictures with the plane went viral on TikTok.

Guests struggled to take pictures with planes in Con Dao (Source: @haidangcondao)

The 1-minute clip was recorded since seeing the shadow of the plane in the distance, dozens of people had gradually run towards the direction of the plane’s flight. The crowd was in a hurry, somewhat bustling, making netizens excited. Because of a satisfactory photo, everyone accepts the hard work.

Tourists are from all over the beach flocking to one side waiting for the plane

Dam Trau Beach is a pristine beach, about 14km from the center of Con Dao, with a long sandy beach and clean blue sea. In addition to the beautiful scenery, this place is noted for its proximity to the runway of Co Ong airport. When the passenger plane from the mainland lands, it will swoop down to the shore of Dam Trau, just enough to pose “catching” the plane on top of tourists. Every day, there are about 20 flights landing at Con Dao, an average of 1 hour there will be a plane passing by once.

The bustling scene at the check-in beach with the most beautiful plane in Vietnam, visitors are eager to take pictures - Photo 4.

Dam Trau Beach was once ranked by Travel + Leisure as one of the top 25 most beautiful beaches in the world in 2021.

Source: Compilation huc-chup-hinh-2022052119052035.chn

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