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Chased the daughter-in-law away for criticizing the ‘small province’, then secretly made her mother-in-law regret it

The story is told by the son himself under the title of a letter confiding: “I don’t know what to do now”.

“I married a wife in the countryside. After we got married, she was kicked out of the house by my mother. Only then did my family know that she had nearly tens of billions of billions including savings deposited in the bank. goods and real estate assets.My mother regrets it.

My family lives in the city but my father does not work, he is just an ordinary official. My mother lost her job so she ended up staying at home as a housewife. Although I am an only child, the whole family relies on my father’s meager salary, so family life is very stressful. In return, I study well so I can go to university. When I was in my third year of school, my mother was seriously ill, and my father spent most of the money on medical treatment for my mother, so I decided to drop out of school to go to work.

I worked so hard to earn money to support my family, to the point where I devoted myself to work and never had a lover. I was 28 years old and had a girlfriend. She’s tall, pretty, very nice to me. We dated for about a year before we planned to get married, but my mother firmly opposed it. Mainly because my mother criticized my girlfriend for having divorced parents. Mom forced us to break up. With no other choice, I had to follow my mother’s will.

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My wife asked me to move out because she no longer wanted to live with her mother-in-law. (Artwork: Phunuonline).

In the blink of an eye, five years have passed, and I have met a woman who makes my heart flutter, that is Hoan – my wife now. She is two years older than me but is very nice to me. When I brought Hoan home to debut, my mother changed her mind as soon as she knew that she was a girl from a “small province”, and had a younger brother of school age.

My mother objected to my relationship again, but this time I didn’t listen, determined to register my marriage. My mother was very upset but had to accept it. However, after I got married, my mother often made it difficult for my wife, and several times loudly chased her away. Until one time my wife couldn’t stand it anymore, she took the car and drove back to her parents’ house.

I was caught in a dilemma between my mother and my wife. My wife is still at my grandmother’s house and my mother is pushing me to get a divorce every day. My wife and I talked to each other, she told me to buy a house to live in, she has money to take care of it.

Only then did I know that my wife had nearly tens of billions of dollars in her hand thanks to her parents selling her land in the countryside, plus the money she accumulated from work. I was stunned, I thought my wife was joking, but she showed me her passbook…

I informed my mother, she immediately regretted it. She urged me to quickly bring my wife back, saying that in the future she would get along very well with her daughter-in-law, but I did not want to do so. Partly because I understand why the mother will get along with her daughter-in-law is for what, partly because my wife, she never agrees to return to live with her mother-in-law again. Either buy the couple’s home separately, or she’ll get a divorce, she told me. I don’t know what to do now.”

According to Dan Tri

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