Clip: Receiving the goods and thinking it was robbed

The man was receiving the goods delivered by the female shipper, suddenly a young man rushed over. Both of them thought they were robbed, but when they regained their senses, they realized that something strange had just happened.

Service accident happened at 3:15 pm in Ha Giang, surprising the online community.

In the clip, a woman in a red and orange shirt is delivering food to a man in a banana green shirt on the sidewalk. While receiving and checking the package, suddenly a man wearing a black shirt without a helmet ran straight between the two of them and fell onto the street.

Shocked, the man in the blue shirt “staggered” for a few seconds, then came to his senses, approached the female shipper who built a motorbike, picked up items to support the man in black who had just crashed into him.

Clip: While receiving the goods, surprised that it was robbed-1

The person who posted the clip said: “Standing to pick up goods, a drunk man passed between the two of them. Fortunately, no one was hurt except the drunk man. He was a little bit hurt. He froze for a few seconds because he did not understand what had just happened. Noon. I went to eat and drink, so I went back to sleep. When I received the goods, I had not woken up but was still lightheaded, so I was still confused.”

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