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Common Summer Mistakes That Can Damage Your Teeth

Dr. Karishma Jaradi, Head of Dental Surgery at Dentzz Dentistry, has listed common mistakes that can harm your teeth. dental health that people often do during the summer, and share tips to prevent damage to teeth.

Eat too much sugar

Eating too much sugar can damage your teeth.

“Dinner – where nerve cells live, exposure to specific temperatures can cause pain. Furthermore, acid attack after eating sugary foods and drinks can lead to tooth decay. So you should reduce your sugar intake to reduce this risk,” Dr. Jaradi said.

Not drinking enough water

When the body is dehydrated, it will not produce saliva to clean bacteria and food particles to prevent plaque buildup and keep teeth and tongue clean. So drinking plenty of water is essential for both your oral hygiene as well as your overall health.

Not taking care of your oral health during vacation

During the holiday, many people tend to abuse alcohol, eat and live in moderation, and neglect dental care. This will cause many dental problems. Therefore, you should prepare dental hygiene tools and maintain this habit when traveling.

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Do not drink water after eating acidic foods or drinks

Under the blazing sun on a hot summer day, you’ll want to enjoy a cool drink or an ice cream. However, if your teeth are sensitive to extreme heat, drinking cold beverages can be harmful to your teeth.

Therefore, you should avoid acidic foods and drinks as much as possible. They tend to soften enamel, making teeth weaker and more sensitive.

Dr. Jaradi advises people to drink water after eating acidic substances as they will help balance the acidity levels in the mouth.

Summer dental care

A diet rich in fiber can naturally clean teeth and aid in the formation of saliva. Saliva is important for reducing the impact of acids and enzymes that attack teeth.

Eating foods containing calcium and phosphates such as cheese, milk and dairy products helps to regain lost minerals.

In addition, Dr. Karishma Jaradi said using sugar-free gum also creates saliva to help remove food particles from the mouth.

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