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COVID-19 in North Korea under 200,000 cases after 10 days

COVID-19 in North Korea is less than 200,000 cases after 10 days - Photo 1.

Military medics distribute medicine at a pharmacy in Pyongyang, North Korea – Photo: REUTERS

On the morning of May 22, KCNA reported that North Korea recorded an additional 186,090 people with fever symptoms and 1 death.

More than 2 million of the total 2.6 million cases of fever have recovered. The official death toll is 67.

“The current situation in North Korea shows a positive trend, from the rapid spread of the virus at the beginning to a decrease after being brought under control. The number of recoveries is increasing daily across the country,” KCNA reported. .

The wave of COVID-19 announced on May 12 in North Korea raised concerns about a lack of vaccines, incomplete medical infrastructure and a potential food crisis.

Pyongyang has so far refused outside help, closed its borders and did not allow independent confirmation of epidemic data.

Foreign news agencies claim that North Korea lacks testing kits and has not confirmed the number of people infected with COVID-19. Instead, North Korean health authorities reported cases of fever, making it difficult to gauge the size of the COVID-19 wave.

Last year, North Korea said it had developed a PCR test device to test for COVID-19. KCNA reported that the country is accelerating the development of an antigen test kit for early detection of the disease.

Authorities deployed military medics to distribute food and medicine across the country.

More than 1 million health workers, including medical students and teachers, were also mobilized to check people’s health, “in order to prevent and thoroughly eliminate the source of infection”.

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