Difficult to deploy because of job arrangement

Decree No. 116/2020/ND-CP issued by the Government on September 25, 2020 stipulating the policy of supporting tuition fees and living expenses for pedagogical students and officially took effect from the date of this Decree. 11/15/2020, apply keyword Admissions school year 2021 – 2022. One of the highlights of this Decree is to allow teacher training by the method of assignment, ordering or bidding. However, the reality shows that this mechanism is still “immovable” in many localities.

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Student at University of Pedagogy (Hue University). Illustration: NTCC- TG

Director of the Department of Education and Training of Thua Thien – Hue province Nguyen Tan said that the Department has developed a project on the need to recruit and use teachers; including the mechanism of ordering and bidding with pedagogical schools to train teachers for the locality. The project has been approved by the provincial leadership. However, the implementation has not yet commenced.

According to Mr. Tan, because the teaching staff is still quite redundant, the locality will rearrange to minimize the situation of local redundancies. On the other hand, the number of teachers who have graduated from pedagogical schools remains, estimated at 1,000 people; while this number has not yet applied for a job or if so, is working under a short-term contract. To avoid wasting human resources, the province intends to utilize this team in the next few years by recruiting or implementing a contract mechanism.

“For some subjects such as Informatics, Art… to implement the 2018 General Education Program, the department has a plan to recruit, arrange and arrange so that there is no shortage of teachers. In addition, every year Hue University also provides significant human resources for the local education sector, so up to this point, we are quite assured of the team to implement the new General Education Program.”Mr. Tan confirmed.

Sharing about the difficulties leading to the fact that the locality cannot “order” to train teachers, Mr. Cao Xuan Hung – Director of Nam Dinh Department of Education and Training – stated the situation, currently, the locality has not balanced its own budget to be able to implementing the mechanism of ordering teacher training with pedagogical schools.

“Another point worth noting, if the “order” is successful, how will the product according to our “order” come out?, Mr. Hung raised the question.

The director of Nam Dinh Department of Education and Training analyzed that students who are trained in the form of bidding and ordering will be paid for by the State. However, this does not mean that they will become teachers after graduation. That is, they still have to pass the recruitment exam for education officers.

Accordingly, they may or may not be admitted; while Decree 116 and Decree No. 115/2020/ND-CP dated September 25, 2020 of the Government “Regulations on recruitment, employment and management of public employees” do not have any provisions regulating the Special recruitment level with pedagogical graduates by ordering training method.

“Input” and “output” are still not compatible, so there is no common voice. This is also the reason why it is still difficult to deploy orders for teacher training.”Mr. Hung shared.

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Many localities have not calculated balance and synchronization between the demand for teacher training and recruitment. Illustration: NTCC- TG

The mechanism is unknown

Sharing the same opinion, Mr. Vu Van Duong – Director of Cao Bang Department of Education and Training – discussed that the biggest difficulty directly affecting the local teacher training order mechanism is the issue of funding. Because if bidding or ordering annual teacher training, it will account for a significant part of the provincial budget; while localities still need to spend a lot of resources to prioritize investment in other areas.

Secondly, the number of teachers who have graduated but do not have a job is still high, so the locality will have a policy to recruit this team. On the other hand, the province will arrange, arrange and mobilize teachers from places of excess to places of shortage to ensure enough staff when implementing the new general education program.

In fact, in 2021, some localities have registered the need for the Ministry of Education and Training to determine targets, but have not ordered or assigned tasks in teacher training. The main reason is the difficulty in funding. In addition, many localities have not calculated the balance and synchronization between the demand for teacher training and recruitment.

According to Assoc. Prof. Dr. Tran Xuan Nhi – former Deputy Minister of Education and Training, Vice Chairman of the Association of Vietnam Universities and Colleges, in addition to the funding factor, the key issue is the employment mechanism for students after graduation. graduate. That is, for teachers who are subject to local orders, the locality should be responsible for assigning and arranging jobs for graduates as committed.

“The recruitment of people to study under this category must be public, transparent and supervised by the People’s Councils and Fatherland Fronts at all levels in order to eliminate cases of familiarity, entrustment or “running away” from the time of birth. go to school until you graduate to work. Because if we are not careful and let mistakes happen in this process, it will lead to unpredictable consequences.” – Assoc. Prof. Dr. Tran Xuan Nhi expressed his opinion.

Emphasizing that the bidding and ordering of teacher training must be based on the needs, actual situation and specific conditions of each locality, Mr. Le Tuan Tu – a member of the XIV National Assembly – said that it is necessary to There are specific regulations that should not be followed in the form of stamping, machines or “uniforms” between localities. In addition, the Ministry of Education and Training needs to advise and propose to the Government to have a radical solution and a master plan to ensure that recruitment and payroll policies meet user needs.

According to Decree 116/2020/ND-CP, the Provincial People’s Committee reviews the calculation and determines the demand for recruitment and training of local teachers of each level, level, discipline and subject for the enrollment year. send to the Ministry of Education and Training before January 31 every year and make it public on the media. On the basis of the need to recruit teachers according to qualifications, local training industry and social needs, quality assurance conditions and training capacity of teacher training institutions, the Ministry of Education and Training determines and informs Report targets to teacher training institutions for enrollment.

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