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Drinking water while standing or sitting is better for health? The answer makes many people change their habits

We all know the importance of drinking water, not only to quench thirst, but also to ensure proper bodily functions. Paying attention to the amount of water you put in your body each day is necessary, but not enough. You also need to know how to drink water properly for better health.

When it comes to the habit of drinking water, we all think that just don’t drink too quickly, too much at once, just stand and take small sips. This is not correct. In fact, it is more beneficial to sit and drink water.

General practitioner Vipul Rustgi, Apollo Spectra Hospital, in Delhi (India) told Health Shots That said, standing and drinking water is not recommended because it can lead to many health problems: When standing, your body and tissues are in a tense state. This leads to water quickly flowing down the body, disrupting the fluid balance that is always maintained.

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Drinking water while standing or sitting affects the body differently. (Illustration)

Here are a few side effects of standing and drinking:

Cause indigestion

Drinking water while standing can harm your digestive system. The reason is that when standing to drink water, the water will go with great force and speed through the food pipe and pour directly into the lower part of the stomach. Nerves become tense when you drink water quickly while standing, disrupting the balance of fluids and increasing the accumulation of toxins, indigestion.

Impact on arthritis

Drinking water in a standing position also causes fluid accumulation in joints, damaging joints, triggering arthritis According to Dr. Rustgi, to protect joints in the long term, you should maintain the habit of sitting and drinking slowly. drool.

Risks for the lungs

When standing, drinking water, essential nutrients and vitamins may not reach the liver and digestive tract. When drinking water in a standing position, water moves through the body very quickly and that harms heart and lung function because oxygen levels will interfere with this pathway.

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It is best to sit and sip every sip of water. (Illustration)

Causes kidney problems

Did you know, the kidneys filter better when we sit? “When standing and drinking water, under high pressure, water often slips through the body without any filtration before reaching the lower part of the stomach. This causes impurities in the water to stay in the bladder and damage kidney function, says Dr. It can even cause urinary tract disorders.

So what is the right way to drink water?

According to experts, simply, every time you drink water, sit down in a chair and keep your back straight. In this way, nutrients go to the brain and improve brain activity. Not only that, the digestive system will also improve and you will not feel bloated.

How drinking water is good for health

Drink when you’re thirsty: Feeling thirsty depends on how much physical activity you do. Also, if you live in a hot, humid climate, you’ll usually drink more water as well. Health experts still recommend drinking 2-3 liters of water per day to stay hydrated and need to drink water as soon as you feel thirsty. However, drinking too much water is also not good, as it can lead to a condition known as hyponatremia – when salt levels in the body drop low and this can lead to brain swelling.

Drink filtered water: Adding flavor to water makes it more appealing, but it can cause your body to load up on sugar and calories, and not satisfy your thirst. If you regularly consume nutrient-rich foods, you don’t need to drink flavored water, you should just drink plain water. One study says that you can quench your thirst by drinking plain water rather than adding a few slices of lemon or other flavors.

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When drinking water in a standing position, the water often flows down the body too quickly. (Illustration)

Drink water after sweating: Whenever after exercising or performing intense physical activities, you will sweat and this is the process of losing water from the body. So, by drinking water, you can help your body stay hydrated.

Always drink water in a sitting position: Often when thirsty, you will want to hold a glass of water to drink without thinking, but you should practice the habit of sitting down slowly to drink water to benefit the body.

Things to avoid when drinking water

Never drink water while standing: For the reasons mentioned above, studies also show that if you stand to drink water, you will still be thirsty after drinking. You will feel like drinking more.

Don’t drink too much water at once as this can cause a lack of oxygen in the food and gas passages, potentially causing problems with the heart and lungs.

Avoid drinking water while eating and immediately after meals Because water can dilute the natural gastric juice that helps the digestive process better.

Don’t drink too much water during exercise as this can lower sodium levels in the body and deplete natural electrolytes, causing fatigue. Just a few sips is enough to prevent dry mouth and throat during breaks.

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