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Great victory of Vietnamese women’s football

Team women’s footballVietnam has made a great feat when defeating Thailand at Cam Pha Stadium to win 3 times in a row sea ​​Games.

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In front of the enthusiastic cheers of the fans crowding Cam Pha Stadium (Quang Ninh), the team Vietnamese women’s football excellently defeated Thailand with a score of 1-0, winning gold SEA Games 31. This victory helps Vietnamese women’s football create a miracle of 3 consecutive SEA Games championships, dominating Southeast Asian football with their 7th SEA Games championship.

The girls of Mai Duc Chung‘ target=”_blank” rel=”noopener noreferrer”>Mai Duc Chung was touched by the warm cheers at Cam Pha Stadium”>Coach Mai Duc Chung played a good and emotional match against the Thai opponent. Because the two teams understood each other too well, they contested every space on the Cam Pha field.Thailand kicked firmly, caught tight and attacked quickly when given the opportunity to break the one-touch kicking style of the Vietnamese women’s team. Coach Mai Duc Chung’s students only really excelled in the first minutes of the match when the Thais entered the game slowly, unfortunately, Nguyen Thi Van and Huynh Nhu could not soon have a goal.

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Huynh Nhu scored the winning goal for the Vietnamese women’s team

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When the Thai team caught up with the match, the game became even. If Vietnam had the opportunity to score from the shots of Huynh Nhu, Tuyet Dung, Nguyen Thi Van (later Hai Yen), then Thailand also had ten opportunities. But when they were closest to the goal, goalkeeper Kim Thanh appeared. The steel shield on the Vietnamese side of the goal played an excellent match, not giving Thailand a chance to cheer.

In a tight and balanced match, the Vietnamese team broke the stalemate, because they were better and more classy. Duong Thi Van shined with a beautiful slit for Huynh Nhu to break the offside trap, through goalkeeper Waraporn Boonsing, and shot into an empty net to score the only goal of the match in the 59th minute.

Branded goals Huynh Nhuonce again affirming that she is the number 1 striker in Southeast Asian women’s football, better than Dangda or Silawan of Thailand.

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Vietnam’s golden girls have won 3 consecutive SEA Games gold medals

Dau Tien Dat

Vietnam team not only has Kim Thanh, Huynh Nhu, Duong Thi Van, but other satellites such as Thuy Trang, Tuyet Dung, Bich Thuy, Chuong Thi Kieu, Tran Thi Thu, Luong Thi Thu Thuong, Pham Hai Yen, Duong Thi Van all played a good match, causing the Thai opponent to lose his mind and obey.

Losing this match, Thai coach Miyo Okamoto, who declared that Thailand would win over Vietnam in the final when he first arrived in Quang Ninh, had to take his hat off to the level of Vietnamese girls. Because there have been 3 consecutive SEA Games, Thailand was defeated by Vietnam in the final.

University Student organization cheers for Bich Thuy

The final whistle sounded, it was also the time when teacher and coach Mai Duc Chung hugged each other in indescribable joy. They shouted victory, held the national flag, ran around the stands waving and thanking the fans, who stayed up all night waiting in line to receive tickets to the field. On the bridge, the audience did not leave, but stayed for a long time to share the joy of victory.

Fulfill your promise

Immediately after winning the 31st SEA Games gold medal, the Vietnamese women’s soccer team was honored to receive congratulations from the President’s phone. Nguyen Xuan Phuc and the President of the National Assembly Vuong Dinh Huethrough Acting President of the Vietnam Football Federation Tran Quoc Tuan.

Also last night, Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh had a letter to congratulate the “diamond” coach and the “diamond” girls.

Attended at Cam Pha Stadium last night, Deputy Prime Minister Vu Duc Dam, Head of the National Steering Committee for the 31st SEA Games, could not hold back his happiness when he witnessed the great performance of the Vietnamese girls. The Deputy Prime Minister awarded gold medals to coach Mai Duc Chung’s teachers and students and congratulated the Vietnamese women’s team for their outstanding achievements with 7 SEA Games titles, successfully defending the gold medal at 3 consecutive SEA Games.

After the match, coach Mai Duc Chung said: “We promised our fans across the country that we would once again win the gold medal at the SEA Games and today, in this nerve-wracking final, our players are full of talent. My ability has fulfilled that promise. I feel extremely happy and proud.”

Captain Huynh Nhu, the hero of the match, smiled brightly but his voice was still choked: “We have won SEA Games gold many times, but this time at home, playing between four bright red stands, we I had a rare experience in my life. Very profound and impressive. Thank you everybody. We will return to Hanoi, present at My Dinh Stadium, witness the U.23 VN team vs Thailand. We wish the dear players to have as much joy as we do.”

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