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Live SEA Games in the last 31 days: Waiting for the U23 team to explode, Vietnam is easy to have 200 gold medals

(Sports news, SEA Games news) All Vietnamese sports fans are looking forward to the men’s football gold medal, besides we also aim for a record of winning 200 SEA Games gold medals.


“Fiery” finals not to be missed

On the last day of competition at SEA Games 31Final match Soccer The men between U23 Vietnam and Thailand are the most awaited. The defending champion U23 Vietnam needs to prove its position as the defending champion, the number 1 team in Southeast Asia by defeating U23 Thailand.

Live SEA Games 31 last day: Waiting for the U23 team to explode, Vietnam is easy to have 200 gold medals - 1

The most awaited gold medal on the last day of the SEA Games belongs to U23 Men’s Football

In addition to men’s football, volleyball also took place 2 extremely attractive final matches. The men’s team has a chance to win gold for the first time if they defeat Indonesia, the women’s team also needs to do the same before the best team in Southeast Asia – Thailand to create a historic miracle for Vietnam volleyball.

We are also sure to win 2 more golds from Billiards and Tennis. The final of Carom 3 tapes taking place at 14 o’clock is a match between two Vietnamese players – Nguyen Duc Anh Chien and Tran Quyet Chien, we will definitely win 1 more gold and 1 silver.

Similar to the men’s singles tennis final is an internal story between Ly Hoang Nam and Trinh Linh Giang, no matter who wins or loses, Vietnam also has 2 more medals (1 gold, 1 silver).

Waiting for Vietnam to make a historic miracle to win 200 gold medals at SEA Games

Since the SEA Games began to be held in 1959, there has been no delegation sport If anyone has won over 200 gold medals in one congress, this year’s home team Vietnam can create a new milestone. By the end of the match day on May 21, Vietnam won 393 medals, including 181 gold medals, 106 silver medals and 106 bronze medals.

At the first time Vietnam held the SEA Games in 2003, we only won 158 gold medals, 97 silver medals, 91 bronze medals. Vietnam has officially completed the target and smashed the previous medal milestone, now is the time to create a new historic milestone for the Southeast Asian Games.

Currently, the record of winning the most gold medals in one SEA Games belongs to Indonesia, in 1997 when hosting this sports delegation, it won 194 gold medals.

Vietnam certainly has 2 more gold medals, bringing the total to 181 gold medals, because Billiards and Tennis will compete in the internal final. Besides, there are many opportunities to win gold medals from Football, Volleyball, Shooting, Vovinam, Weightlifting, Diving, Boxing… especially Muay Thai (with 9 finalists).

We have a great opportunity to win 200 gold medals or surpass Indonesia’s gold record. There are many things worth watching and waiting for on the last day of the SEA Games.

Schedule of SEA Games 31 May 22

According to the National Assembly – Le Phong (Ho Chi Minh City Tourism Magazine)

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