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Love your husband but still flutter in front of your partner

It turns out that life is full of strange things, nothing is absolute. I love my husband so much that I can still be touched by another man.

I am over 30 years old, have a husband and children, and work as a manager for a large company with a good salary. I always consider myself lucky and happy to have a beautiful house, a luxury car, a good job, and beautiful and obedient children. My husband is tall, handsome, extremely intelligent, knows how to make money, loves to pamper his wife and children. He was my first love. I really love my family. Let’s just say, it’s not natural that we’re like that. My husband and I have to work hard, make more efforts than the average person. We have been together in the most difficult times, so we all appreciate the happiness we have.

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I thought my life would always be like that, just strive for promotion, earn money, take care of my family, then I met him. He and I got to know each other when we were on a project together. Perhaps I was impressed with him from the first time I met him because he was really handsome, tall, handsome and smart. He is also a very talented person and I later learned that he is quite prominent in his community. Unlike many other girls who openly admired him, I showed indifference and indifference. I was just impressed, but determined that I was married, and was not interested in making social friends or talking to strangers; Whoever comes to me first, I will talk. Unexpectedly, that made an impression on him. He later told me to pay attention to me because of my cold appearance.

Participating in the project for a while, I also noticed a bit of difference, sometimes I caught him looking at me passionately and smiling. Then he actively approached, texted continuously, but only related to work and life. He talks very civilly, I feel secure, talking like normal friends. Then things didn’t go the way we thought they would. He can’t seem to hide his liking for me, even though he doesn’t say it, his actions prove it all. He was gentle, gallant, taking care of me little by little. He is also very delicate, with just a small change in my face I understand how I am feeling. I am moved by you guys, feeling scared and confused with the emotion that I have. I’m not such an easy person to love, but I love my husband and family very much. Apparently he didn’t think the story would turn out like that either. Perhaps just feeling interesting with a new friend at first.

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We can’t hold back from expressing our love for each other, but we don’t go too far. Both know the moral limit, so they only talk, but when they meet, they just look at each other and are about to cry, wanting to end this guilty feeling many times but unsuccessfully. I love him but obviously can’t leave my family and current life. Whatever you say, my husband is like a relative of mine, a boundary that cannot be crossed. He also understands, so he never asks for anything from me. Now I decided to end everything, no longer contact him, just still miss him, don’t know when to get over it.

Thank you to everyone who took the time to read this article. When I finished writing, I actually felt lighter. Hope we can let go of each other’s hands and hope that when we meet again, my heart will be at peace, considering you as a good friend.


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