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Mai Phuong Thuy: “Vietnam U23 gets “golden fire” to win Thailand U23″

19 pm tonight (May 22), U23 Vietnam – U23 Thailand will determine victory or defeat in the men’s soccer final at the 31st SEA Games. Previously, the Vietnamese women’s team won the gold medal at the 31st SEA Games after defeating the Thai women’s team at Cam Pha Stadium. As one of the Misses who is passionate about sports and often appears with a youthful and dynamic image when participating in and cheering for running tournaments, Miss Mai Phuong Thuy had a conversation with Vietnamese people on the eve of the 31st SEA Games men’s soccer final at My Dinh Stadium.

The Vietnamese women’s team has affirmed its dominance in Southeast Asia when it won the gold medal at the 31st SEA Games last night (May 21) after defeating the Thai women’s team with a goal from Huynh Nhu. What emotions did the victory of the Vietnamese women’s team at the 31st SEA Games bring to you?

– Because of my busy work, I can’t watch all matches of both men’s and women’s football teams in Vietnam at SEA Games 31. However, I still take advantage of watching SEA Games 31 through wall programs. art when you have time. The victory of the Vietnamese women’s team makes me extremely proud. The image of the girls in the Vietnamese women’s team waving the country’s flag when defeating the Thai women’s team in the women’s soccer final at the SEA Games this year in front of the enthusiastic cheers from the home fans made me emotional. .

Mai Phuong Thuy:

“I guess U23 Vietnam will beat U23 Thailand with a score of 2-1,” Miss Mai Phuong Thuy shared with Dan Viet. (Photo: TL)

I think this is a very special gold medal for the Vietnamese women’s team when our “golden girls” have done their best, because this match takes place in their homeland. They must have been determined to win to give to their home fans who have supported and cheered them on all this time.

On the eve of the 31st SEA Games men’s football final between U23 Vietnam and U23 Thailand, many people think that this is a “difficult” match with “golden star warriors”. What does Miss Mai Phuong Thuy think?

– Certainly, when you have reached the final round of a tournament, it must be a “remarkable” opponent for U23 Vietnam.I think with the home field advantage and the enthusiastic cheers of the audience, it will give more motivation. Great morale for the players on the field.

The players over 23 years old in the squad, namely Hoang Duc, Hung Dung and Tien Linh, have also helped Vietnam U23 to dominate their opponents in previous matches. In addition, the victory of the Vietnamese women’s team must have “fuelled the golden fire” for the men’s football team before facing a “destined” opponent from Thailand.

Mai Phuong Thuy:

The image of the Vietnamese women’s team celebrating the 7th SEA Games gold medal. (Photo: VFF)

Your prediction about the final match U23 Vietnam – U23 Thailand?

– I guess Vietnam U23 will beat Thailand U23 with a score of 2-1. However, we should not underestimate opponents like Thailand U23 when they also show high determination and respectable strength.

Have a passion for sports but lately did not see Miss Mai Phuong Thuy directly cheering on the Vietnamese football team as well as participating in and cheering for the running tournaments?

I have been pursuing running for more than 6 years now. This is a sport that helps me maintain my health, keep my body and mind comfortable. So when there are suitable running tournaments aimed at spreading the message of humanity about a new life, encouraging people to overcome difficulties or running races with a charitable purpose, I arrange my work. participation.

I remember I used to hug the ball to the field to take a photo of cheering for the German team at Euro 2016. Maybe in the future I will have a set of cheers for Vietnamese football. (laugh).

While many Misses and beauties love “rich sports” like golf, do you have a direction to love this sport?

– Actually, I’ve been practicing golf but found it not suitable, after three sessions, I quit. I prefer fast paced and direct combat like tennis.

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Miss Mai Phuong Thuy has a passion for running. (Photo: NVCC)

Having participated in many running tournaments in many provinces and cities such as Hanoi, Quang Ninh… So before each race, how do you plan to prepare and practice?

– I still exercise and have a regular diet. The thing is, before the competition day, I go to bed early because in fact, I am also quite greedy when I have time, so I stay up late.

With the outstanding achievements of the Vietnamese sports delegation at the 31st SEA Games, what do you think about the success of this SEA Games?

– I think the success of the 31st SEA Games held in Vietnam is to connect and connect everyone with the spirit of sports in Southeast Asia after a period of time affected by the Covid epidemic. -19.

The image of Vietnamese fans sitting in the stands cheering the matches even though it is not the home team’s match; the overcoming difficulties, the dedication of the athletes of the Vietnamese sports delegation in the competition contents… I am most impressed by the image of athlete Timor Leste holding the Vietnamese flag to celebrate after the victory with two Vietnamese athletes. Beautiful photos showing the success of the 31st SEA Games, spreading the spirit of solidarity at the Southeast Asian Games in Vietnam this time.

Thank you Miss Mai Phuong Thuy for sharing the information!

Mai Phuong Thuy:

The beautiful beauty of Miss Mai Phuong Thuy makes it difficult for the opposite person to take their eyes off. (Photo: FBNV)

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