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Methods of educating life skills for children with fairy tales

In the West, educating children through meaningful fairy tales is considered one of the modern methods of education today. They are even interested in educating children through this method from the time they are still in the womb.

Fairy tales in children’s language

Children often believe in fairy tales rather than dry presentations. That’s because the language used in the story is close to the child’s world.

Instead of a dry moral lesson with a fairy tale, children will enjoy it. According to scientists, for children, the boundary between living and inanimate things, people and things, fantasy and reality is very vague. However, through fairy tales that are told regularly, children’s brains will gradually absorb, remember and form reflexes naturally, the brain is enriched and developed day by day.

It is recommended to read / tell or let your baby listen to fairy tales as soon as possible to stimulate the development of children’s thinking and personality. It is these stories that will help parents understand more about what is going on in the hearts of children. Especially before going to bed, parents should tell their children a few fairy tales that will be very helpful.

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Don’t forget to read fairy tales to your child before going to bed (illustration)

Fairy tales revolving around life will encourage children to explore the world

The great scientist Albert Einstein once said, “If you want your children to be intelligent, read them fairy tales; if you want your children to be smarter, read them more fairy tales”.

Many parents mistakenly think that it is necessary to protect their children from the influences that make the young soul easily confused. They always talk to their children about the positive side of things. This is a mistake because life will not be smooth, so it is necessary for children to feel clearly that life is not only filled with joy.

Fairy tales will help children form a lifestyle and morality from a young age, parents should tell children about stories around life and encourage children to explore the world.

Fairy tales help children solve problems

Parents should choose fairy tale books with few words and many pictures for young children to practice observation, for older children, they should buy story books with relative words.

Fairy tales help children associate and recognize: what is good, what is bad? Who is good, who is evil? How to grow up and leave the family home when old enough?…

From there, help children have the ability to deal with situations that occur in real life and gradually improve their personality. Therefore, it can be said that listening to fairy tales will help children have richer imaginations and more creative thinking.

To some extent, fairy tales in any country have a certain moral value. It can be seen as one of the inspirational methods from the power of the spirit of love of beauty, harmony with the outside world and finding inner happiness within children.

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