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Pain after sex, why?

Both men and women can experience pain in the genitals after sex. Usually, men can feel a burning sensation in the urinary tract or painful urination, burning urine right after ejaculation. This condition usually lasts only a few hours and is usually not harmful to health.

However, in some cases penile pain persists after sex often cause anxiety and insecurity for men and make them go to medical facilities for examination.

Why do men suffer after sex?  Photo: Pixabay

Why do men have pain after sex? Photo: Pixabay

The following are common causes of penile pain after ejaculation:

During intercourse, the penis will often experience a lot of friction, especially when your partner does not have enough lubrication. As a result, the outermost skin and mucosa of the penis can be damaged, scratched and exposed the organization below many nerves, making men feel a lot of pain after surgery. sex.

Pain and skin lesions usually last a day or two if not continued sex.

sex intense or prolonged intensity

sex Aggression of any kind can cause penile pain. This can be the result of prolonged erection for a long time, causing blood flow to stagnate in the penis for a long time and causing damage to the tissues in the penis.

In addition, intense sex can also damage the penis and lead to a burning sensation in the penis after intercourse. These sensations also usually last a day or a few days depending on the intensity sex yours.

Pain after orgasm

This reason may seem absurd at first. However, when a man orgasms, the pelvic floor muscles and pelvic floor will contract strongly to participate in the ejaculation process. So sometimes men can feel a burning sensation in the urethra after orgasm.

Allergic to condoms, lubricants…

Some men may be allergic to certain ingredients in condoms, lubricants, or sex toys or tools. This condition is also known as contact dermatitis. During an allergic reaction, the skin and lining of the penis may become red, swollen, itchy, or have patches of scaly lesions. This condition may subside after a few days or if the person is taking anti-allergic drugs. However, if the patient has more severe reactions such as skin ulcers, it is necessary to visit medical facilities for examination.

Genitourinary tract infections

Infections of the urinary tract – genitals caused by viruses, bacteria or fungi can cause urethritis, causing pain and burning sensation before, during and after sex. The agents can be common bacteria of the male urinary tract but can also be sexually transmitted agents.

Among them, the most common sexually transmitted agents are gonorrhea, chlamydia and genital herpes. Accompanying symptoms of urinary tract infections are burning sensation when urinating, frequent urination, urethral discharge or cloudy and smelly urine.

In these cases, symptoms may only be relieved with treatment. Therefore, when you have the following signs of penis pain sex If you have symptoms of a urinary tract infection, you should immediately consult a doctor.

Psychological trauma

Sometimes, psychological or emotional trauma related to sexual problems can also be represented by painful sensations. Even daily anxiety, stress, and stress can cause muscle spasms and pain.

In short, pain after sex is one of the common problems in men and usually goes away on its own after a few days. However, if you have abnormal signs, you should limit sexual activities and visit medical facilities to get appropriate advice and treatment.

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