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Passengers receive “worst airline food” after paying 150,000 VND

On a flight from Paris to London’s Gatwick airport, a passenger named Alex said he paid £5 (about 150,000 VND) for a disappointing meal.

The 38-year-old guest paid £7 (about VND 200,000) for an in-flight meal, which included a bottle of water and a £5 veggie toast with hummus, after looking at the picture on the menu served. service.

The photo shows a rather appetizing cake with colorful bell peppers evenly placed on top of the evenly coated sauce. That made the London passenger feel “very shocked” when the flight attendant brought up a cake that did not look like the picture, with a sparse filling and not very well presented.

Worst airline food

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Worst airline food

And reality.

Alex recorded the scene when he opened the cake and found inside there was only a small handful of vegetables with a few scattered pieces. In addition, he said that he also did not receive the bottle of water he ordered because it was too close to the landing time.

He recently posted the video on social media recently, writing that “Is this the worst food and airline commercial you’ve ever seen?“.

The guest then asked for the dish to be returned and was sent another similar portion. According to him, a crew member added that “You know, food and pictures can’t be the same. We were only allowed to eat for 3 minutes before landing, and we weren’t even allowed to get water“.

Social network users are also not very satisfied, when one person even commented that “It’s a war crime“.

In response to The Sun, Alex said “At first I couldn’t believe my eyes. That’s the kind of thing you’ll often hear about airline food. I spoke to the crew and asked for another bread“.

The flight attendant then told me not to be surprised and that promotional photos rarely reflect the truth. They gave me another cake and it was just as bad“.

According to the airline’s menu, the dish can be served hot or cold, with grilled vegetables served with pesto or hummus sauce.

A spokesperson for the airline said in an interview with The Sun: “We are aware of the above video and will further review the incident with the in-flight supplier. It doesn’t appear that the dishes served do not meet the high standards of the in-flight food and beverage segment we want to serve passengers.“.

This person said he will also contact the passenger mentioned above to apologize and offer goodwill to make up for the not-so-memorable experience.

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