“Playing against Vietnam, our players seem like they don’t know how to play football”


Recruit Vietnamese women played extremely convincingly and defeated Thailand with a score of 1-0, thereby successfully defending the gold medal. This is the third SEA Games in a row that belongs to teacher and coach Mai Duc Chung.

After the final, Thai media expressed disappointment. Thailand’s Naewna page has the headline: “Fighting with all my heart, the Thai women’s team still lost to Vietnam, sadly won silver”.

Page Naewna commented expressing regret: “The Thai women’s team tried their best until the last minute, but they were still helpless against the Vietnamese women’s team, could not score an equalizer and had to accept a 0-1 defeat and pity the silver medal.

This result helped the Vietnamese women’s team win the gold medal for the 7th time in the SEA Games arena while Thailand still stopped at 5 times. The Thai women’s team will return to Thailand tomorrow (May 22).

Matichon page also expressed disappointment when “Chaba Kaew” could not dethrone the Vietnamese women’s team.” This newspaper wrote:

“Before the match, “Madam Pang” Nuanphan Lamsam, the former head of the Thai women’s team, announced that he would offer a large reward for the whole team if they won gold, to stimulate the fighting spirit of the players. , Chaba Kaew (nickname of the Thai women’s team) still lost 0-1 to Vietnam and could only win silver.

After conceding a goal, the Thai team did everything to score an equalizer but still failed. Once again, the Thai team lost to Vietnam.

Vietnam women’s football has shown that they are the strongest team in Southeast Asia with the 7th gold medal in SEA Games history, 2 times more than Thailand.

Thai fans:

Thai newspaper impressed with Vietnam team, disappointed with the home team.

Komchadluek – another Thai newspaper with the title: “The Thai women’s team lost again to Vietnam, watching the opponent win the SEA Games championship”.

The Thai women’s team can only win the runner-up in the SEA Games arena. Once again, the Thai women’s team lost to Vietnam.

The students of Japanese coach Miyo Okamoto had a time to dominate and create scoring opportunities, but in the end, they could not defeat the defense system of Vietnam once.”

Khaosod – another famous Thai newspaper said that in terms of overall situation, Thailand did not lose to the Vietnamese team, but a wrong moment of the Thai defense made them lose.

“The Thai player played very well against the host Vietnam. However, just a small mistake turned into a turning point leading to failure and in the end the whole team only got the SEA Games gold medal.”

Thai fans:

Thai media said that the Vietnamese team deserved to win.

THAILAND fans praise Vietnam Tel, sad for CHABA KAEW

On some forums, many Thai fans have praised the Vietnamese team and said that the Golden Temple women’s team cannot be compared with coach Mai Duc Chung’s teachers and students.

-“The Thai women’s team played very well in the past, attended the World Cup, but the truth is that the Thai women’s team has lagged behind Vietnam. After watching the final, I felt that most of the Thai players did not seem to know how to play football. The Thai Football Federation needs to find good players to add to the national team” – an opinion on the FA Thailand forum.

-“The Thai women’s team should accept defeat and acknowledge the victory of the Vietnamese women’s team. The Thai women’s team should find a domestic coach to lead the team instead of waiting for a foreign coach” – another commented.

Thai fans:

Thai fans expressed disappointment with the home team player and praised the Vietnamese team.

-“The tactical technique of the Vietnamese women’s team is basically still quite bad. They should find a fix. Today’s results reflect the difference between Thailand and Vietnam.” – another opinion from Thai fans.

-“In this SEA Games, we don’t have any outstanding players. Our squad is not good enough. In tournaments like this, if we want to win we need better quality players. Now Thai women’s football needs to prioritize developing young players” – other comments commented.

-“This defeat is a useful lesson for Thai women’s football to improve themselves. Admittedly, the Vietnamese team is a stronger team that deserves to win the championship. Losing a game isn’t always a bad thing. We need to keep working hard and fighting to make progress.” – a fan from Thailand commented on the ASEAN Footnall Community forum.

Vietnam 1-0 Thailand | Women’s football at the 31st SEA Games (Phu Quy)

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