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Strange with two fish species with teeth and red lips like humans

Pacu fish – friendly toothed fish with hideous animal shape

Strange with fish called

The somewhat terrifying appearance of freshwater fish (Image: Science Focus)

Have you ever seen fish with human-like teeth? Often confused with tiger fish with sharp teeth, Pacu fish are omnivores. Their food sources are plants and meat. Their special teeth are often used to grind seeds and fruits that are released into the rivers and canals where they live.

Pacu fish have flat, blunt teeth like human teeth and are used to grind and grind food but cannot chew. These fish have red bellies and it’s a natural form of mimicry to protect them from predators and this pigment fades as they mature by then they can be ready to face predators.

Strange with fish called

Pacu fish have the ability to adapt in many environments (Image: National Geographic)

Curious visitors need to beware of this “one-of-a-kind” toothed fish as they are known to fatally mistake human testicles for their favorite snack food. Therefore, they are also known as “spherical cutters” or “testicle-eating fish”.

Pacu fish is a delicious fish with a mildly sweet taste that evokes the sensation of enjoying salmon. They are often sold in restaurants in South America with side dishes such as lettuce and onions and are prepared in a variety of ways, but frying is the most popular.

Red-lipped bat fish with haughty red “lips”

The red-lipped batfish flaunts bright red lemon-limbed “angry” lips with the charisma that is compared to that of the artists of the 1980s. There is hardly any basis to explain the impressive appearance of the species. these fish, but allow them to attract mates. to be able to identify “kinds” or as a secret weapon to attract prey. This fish lives at depths of up to 75 meters in tropical waters, most commonly around the Galápagos Islands, Ecuador.

Strange with fish called

Fish with haughty appearance (Image: DW)

Red-lipped batfish are terrible “mermaids”, but they have special fins that spread like bat wings and are reluctant legs to be able to “move” in the sand, burrow under strawberries or to camouflage. . When mature, this set of fins grows like a finger on the top of the head and becomes a powerful weapon to attract prey.

Their favorite foods are fish, shrimp and crustaceans. As the name suggests, the lips of this one-of-a-kind fish are flat, flattened, and have a striking, vibrant scarlet color. From attractive appearance in its own way and skillful skills, this fish always has its own charm and beauty scheme to seduce and bring prey into their sights.

Strange with fish called

The appearance attracts mixed opinions of the red-lipped bat fish (Photo: Fact Animal)

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