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Suddenly found the late father’s 27 billion dong savings

After several decades, a Chilean man discovered his father’s multimillion-dollar passbook.

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Mr. Exequiel and his father’s passbook

His father Exequiel Hinojosa saved up 140,000 pesos (equivalent to 163 USD, or 3.7 million VND today) to buy a house in the 1960s-1970s. It was detailed in the passbook of a now defunct Chilean bank.

After the father died, the notebook remained in the box for several decades until Hinojosa found it. The notebook is now worthless, but Hinojosa was able to read the caption “status guaranteed”.

If interest rates and inflation are taken into account, the amount of 140,000 pesos in the 1960s-70s would be equivalent to more than 1 billion pesos today – nearly $1.2 million (VND 27.8 billion).

The incident caused the local government “headache”, so it was transferred to the supreme court for consideration.

“This money belongs to my family. My father saved it by working hard,” Hinojosa said, adding that the family didn’t even know the notebook existed until they accidentally found it.

“I never thought this would turn into a lawsuit.”

Many courts have ruled in Hinojosa’s favor, but the government has appealed step by step. Now, a final appeals court will decide the fate of the multimillion-dollar bankbook.

“If the judicial system, the supreme court, the appellate court decide in my favor, then all that remains to deal with this issue is to pay what needs to be paid, nothing more and nothing less,” Hinojosa said.

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