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Taking the child to the neighbor’s house to play, he said a sentence that I had to hurry back to thank my mother-in-law

Yesterday, I was off work, so I took care of the baby by myself. Normally, I ask my mother-in-law to take care of the baby. At night, the couple came back to play with their children a little and then went to bed.

I carry my baby to the house Uncle neighbor let her play with his grandchild and then feed him. When we were talking, the neighbor suddenly said a sentence: “I have never seen a mother-in-law who loves her daughter-in-law as much as your mother-in-law.”

Up until now, the relationship between me and my mother-in-law had always been distant. Although I am not rude, not rude to my mother-in-law, I rarely take the initiative to talk and ask her questions. Because I am afraid that if I say something wrong, I will have a conflict, which is more troublesome at that time.

Seeing that I was surprised, the neighbor told him that his mother-in-law often came to visit and then told him about me. But they always tell good stories, my words of interest, but never speak ill of the daughter-in-law. Sometimes she even asked for lettuce, my favorite vegetable to eat, for her daughter-in-law. The neighbor also said that my mother-in-law had confided that she would leave the house and land for me and my wife. In general, she trusted and loved me very much.

I was shocked to hear that. However, normally, I am cold to my mother-in-law. Seeing that my child was bitten by a mosquito, I secretly blamed my mother-in-law for not taking good care of her.

After listening to my neighbor’s story, I went back to hug my mother-in-law, whispering thank you to her. My mother-in-law was washing the dishes and was surprised to receive my hug. She asked me thank you for what? I smiled and said thank you for your love for me, thank you for being take care of your daughter me thoughtfully. My mother-in-law laughed and told me that I am too smart now.

Yesterday afternoon, for the first time in 3 years as a bride, I felt that lunch was comfortable and light. But I am still tormented by my wrong thoughts before with my mother-in-law. How should I atone for my sins to be more peaceful?


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