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Taliban requires female MCs to cover their faces on television

Afghan women will be forced to wear face coverings in public. Photo: AP

This is a new request that has just been made by the Taliban government in Afghanistan for television stations in this country.

However, female presenters can use medical masks to cover their faces. The new regulation will take effect from today, May 21. Currently, some television channels in Afghanistan have begun to apply this regulation.

Previously, on May 8, the ruling Taliban force in Afghanistan announced that women in this country will be forced to cover their faces when appearing in public. This is one of the latest restrictions on Afghan women since the force Taliban back in power.

On March 27, Afghan aviation officials said that the Taliban government had ordered the country’s airlines not to allow women to board flights unless accompanied by a male relative. The Taliban’s decision to restrict women’s access comes after all girls’ high schools continue to be closed.

Since coming to power, the Taliban have imposed a series of restrictions on women such as banning women from participating in government work, controlling the clothes they are allowed to wear and banning women from going out of the city alone.

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