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Tell you tips on flying to have the journey you want

1. Arrive at the airport early

One of the most important things you need to do is get to the airport early, otherwise you don’t want to run around the airport in a hurry. You should try to arrive 2 hours before your flight for international flights or 1 hour earlier for domestic flights. During the peak travel season or with a lot of checked luggage, you should be at the airport even earlier to ensure enough time to get everything ready.

2. Bring an empty water bottle

Normally, airport security will not let you bring more than 100ml of liquid on board planes. However, you can bring an empty bottle. Once you’ve passed the security check, you can refill the water from the public taps in the lounge to use.

3. Choose the left turn lane when reaching the security checkpoint

An experience passed on by tourists is that turning left when reaching the security checkpoint will find the shortest lane. The reason is because most passengers usually turn right intuitively (perhaps because they are right-handed). While not always true, at many airports the left aisle is usually quieter, less noisy than the right lane.

4. Take pictures of the parking space, luggage, boarding pass

The purpose of taking pictures is to remember where the car is parked to avoid possible trouble when you return. Or if your luggage is lost or stolen, you can provide a photo to the airline staff, helping them to more accurately identify the baggage to be searched.

Boarding Pass will be easier and faster when you need to show the airline staff through a picture taken on your phone, instead of making others wait if you need to access the network when the internet connection is short. wait. Some airlines also require a photo of their boarding pass to add miles to their loyalty program.

5. Choose a night flight when traveling long distances

If you hate crowds or avoid wasting time sitting on a plane, try booking flights that depart after 10pm. It will be easier for you to fall asleep and land when you wake up. Besides, the jobs that need queuing such as using the toilet, the immigration process… will not take too much time to wait, because at this time the airport is usually empty.

6. Organize papers scientifically

To save yourself time, as well as not cause frustration for people waiting behind, you should prepare your passport and identification, vaccination card (if needed), plus all required documents. tied together and arranged so that it is easy to present when requested. You should also have a compact bag where all your travel documents can be kept side by side, organized and safe.

7. Bring snacks

Everything at the airport can be more expensive than usual and spending money on snacks is not the best option, especially if you are a traveler on a budget. Furthermore, if you are on a diet or eating healthy, you should bring your own snacks as it can be difficult to know if airport food is right for you.

8. Minimizing body-worn accessories

As a rule, when going through the security gate, passengers will have to take off most of their wearables such as coats, belts, glasses, watches, jewelry, wallets, shoes… Therefore, you should choose clothes. and accessories as simple as possible to quickly put on and take off. Avoid wearing shoes with laces or boots, or wearing too many jewelry and accessories. In addition, passengers who have been in an accident or have had surgery to fix their bones with nails will also have to present a certificate from a doctor or treatment facility when going through security. You can ask the airline staff, ticket office or agent about this procedure when booking air tickets.

9. Find out in advance the regulations when going through the security door

Please make sure that before going through security, you have removed prohibited items from your suitcase such as scissors, knives, sharp objects, lighters, drinking water with a capacity greater than 100 ml… At the airport, there are the instruction of these regulations, you should take some time to read them and follow them, to avoid going through the security door and having to throw away some belongings.

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