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The female director chose a taxi as the bride’s car, revealing the emotional reason

Appearing at a high-rise parking lot in Tampines area (Singapore) on the morning of May 15, the bride Wee Jie Xin (27 years old) attracted attention with a pure white wedding dress, holding a bouquet of fresh flowers, smiling brightly. posing for a photo shoot.

However, what’s even more remarkable is that bridesmaid carriage by Wee. It is known that the bride is currently a human resources director of a technology company, can afford to hire a luxury “box driver” to make a car for the bride, but she chooses a taxi.

More specifically, the driver of this taxi is Mr. Wee Phoy Thong (65 years old, the bride’s biological father). She wants to use this way to express her gratitude to her father – who has been driving a taxi for nearly 30 years to support his family, for his children to study well.

The female director chose a taxi as the bride's car, revealing the emotional reason - Photo 1.

The bride took a photo with her biological father next to the taxi used as a car to carry the bride. Photo: Straits Times

For Wee and her dad, taxis are an important part of their lives. Thanks to his father’s taxi, Wee was rushed to the emergency room in time during an asthma attack at home. Wee’s wedding also marked the beginning of her father’s retirement.

“Everything was according to plan. My father has been a taxi driver since I was born. He used to use a taxi to take me and my two older brothers to school and back home safely every day.” the bride shared with the Straits Times.

She added: “I also told my husband about the plan to use a taxi to pick up the bride since we were still dating. He fully supported and was happy with the idea.”

Taking on the position of driver for his daughter’s bride, Mr. Wee Phoy Thong was extremely cautious. He even asked his colleague to drive two taxis with an escort company next to the wedding car to make the wedding more solemn and majestic.

Talking about his life as a driver, he said: “This is hard work. Any situation can happen at any time. My back is already sore and it is normal to have diabetes or high cholesterol. However, I still love driving because I have my own freedom. Because, I can go home to rest whenever I feel tired. I have never thought about changing jobs before.”

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