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The female teacher who was beaten by a group of youtubers related to Ms. Phuong Hang was injured 20%

On February 22, discussing with the Law of Ho Chi Minh City, Ms. DTCh (49 years old, living in Thu Duc City, Ho Chi Minh City) said that she had just received the results of an injury assessment after being beaten by a group of youtubers.

Accordingly, the Forensic Center, Department of Health of Ho Chi Minh City has concluded the forensic examination of the injury.

The female teacher who was beaten by a group of youtubers related to Phuong Hang was injured 20% - 1

The conclusion of the forensic examination of the injury sent by Ms. Ch. Photo: NDCC

Specifically, based on the Decision to solicit forensic expertise No. 72 dated February 16 of the Go Vap District Public Security Bureau of Investigation. The assessors conducted an assessment for Ms. Ch on February 21.

The relevant documents are also provided to the assessment agency, including the decision to solicit the assessment, the injury certificate and the initial medical examination and treatment note at Military Hospital 175.

Accordingly, Ms. Ch suffered an injury to her right shoulder causing dislocation and fractured crow’s jaw and was treated for dislocation. The medical examination agency concluded that the injury caused Ms. Ch’s to be limited in her backward hand movements, with an injury rate of 20%.

Previously, PLO reported that Ms. Ch – an elementary school teacher riding a motorbike on an alley on Le Duc Tho street (ward 6, Go Vap district) was rushed by a young man to film a clip close to her face.

“A person came with a camera and pointed it at my face, so I protested. After that, many people rushed over, some people snatched the mask, strangled me, attacked me and then filmed a clip. Others also joined in the filming,” said Ms. Ch.

Ms. Ch said these people called her younger sister DL. However, Ms. Ch confirmed that these people were wrong but still attacked. “Many people nearby did not intervene in the incident,” said Ms. Ch.

According to the woman, the group of youtubers attacked and filmed themselves about 10 people, all of them were men, and everyone was so tall that she could not resist. The incident left Ms. Ch injured in her arm and shoulder. “In addition to strangling and knocking me down, they also intentionally destroyed my property when stepping on my laptop backpack,” Ms. Ch reflected.

Ms. Ch was then taken to Military Hospital 175 for first aid and was released later. Police of Ward 6, Go Vap District also invited relevant people to the headquarters to work.

According to Ms. Ch, the people who beat her are youtubers who support Phuong Hang and want the authorities to properly handle the law. Those involved were then invited to the Go Vap District Public Security Bureau.

The case is still under investigation and clarification.

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