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The girl died while taking pictures in the stream

Ha TinhA 14-year-old girl from Ky Anh town while taking pictures with her friends at Da Mai slot, Ky Trinh ward, fell into a stream.

The accident happened in the late afternoon of May 21. At that time, a group of 6 students in grade 8, Ky Thinh Secondary School, invited each other to Da Mai slot in Dong Trinh residential group, Ky Trinh ward, Ky Anh town to organize a picnic and take pictures to check-in.

While choosing a location to take photos, two 14-year-old girls living in Ky Thinh ward slipped, fell from the bank into a stream more than 2m deep, swept away by the water and then sank. The four companions rushed out of the residential area to call the authorities for assistance.

The stream where the drowning happened.  Photo: Hung Le

The stream where the drowning happened. Image: Hung Le

After more than 10 minutes, the rescue force reached the scene and brought the two victims ashore in an unconscious state. However, one girl was determined to have died before, the other girl had to go to Ky Anh Town General Hospital for emergency.

Khe Da Mai is a beautiful landscape in Ky Anh town, attracting young people to take pictures to check-in. However, there are slippery cliffs and dangerous deep pits under the stream.

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